Saturday, April 11, 2015

Does Apple Hide Solid Waste With Sulfur?

I wrote an email to Ms. Lisa Jackson who heads Apple's environmental efforts.  Ms. Jackson like me has a MS in Chemical Engineering so she has no excuse and cannot plead the dumb defense.  Before joining Al Gore at Apple, she headed the US EPA for Mr. Obama and left with quite a bit of controversy for having a second email account at the EPA under the Name of Richard Windsor.  Here is the email I wrote her.

Dear Ms. Jackson

I am an award winning journalist and chemical engineer and this email is super important to the good governance of Apple.  As you ran the US EPA you are well aware of the the federal requirements for hazardous solid waste management.

Apple has contracted with Bloom Energy for 10 MW of Fuel Cells at your Maiden NC site.  This is an installation of 50 of the ES 5700 servers.  The natural gas in the area is delivered via pipelines owned by Piedmont Natural Gas and has a sulfur content of approximately 10 parts per million by volume.  The Bloom fuel cells have by Bloom's own admission desulfurization bed canisters that must remove sulfur to parts per billion to prevent poisoning of the catalysts in the fuel stack.   Bloom admitted to Breitbart (link below) to removing the desulfurization bed canisters from client sites and hauling these sulfur laden canisters elsewhere. 

Bloom's patents reveal the use a cobalt catalyst to convert all sulfur compounds in the incoming gas to hydrogen sulfide and then react the hydrogen sulfide with zinc oxide to remove the sulfur.  The result is a canister with a desulfurization bed that has cobalt and zinc sulfide.  This implies the solid waste is hazardous.   This implies that Apple is therefore the generator of solid waste containing sulfur that is probably hazardous.  The quantity of the solid waste with sulfur could well be over 10 tons per year based on the total mass of the entire desulfurization bed canister and how many fuel cells are in operation at your Maiden NC site.

I have not been able to find permits for the solid waste with sulfur, nor manifests for the removal of the solid waste with sulfur.  It could be that Apple did permit this stream of waste and if it did please let me know.  I could be that Bloom never told Apple of this stream of waste and if this is news to Apple please let me know.  What is certain is the stream of waste that is quite large and contains sulfur compounds and it does exist and Bloom handles the waste stream by their own admission.

You should also note that NBC Bay Area Investigates did a piece on greenwashing by Bloom.  Their claimed CO2 savings are not always achieved in real operation. The link below is the video of that investigative report.

I have reported the sulfur waste from Bloom Fuel Cells to the US EPA for three sites.  These are AT&T sites (AT&T is Bloom's largest non utility customer), the Red Lion Delmarva Power site in Delaware (Bloom's largest site),  and AC Transit in Oakland California.  I have not yet reported the Apple Maiden NC site as I look forward to hearing from you.


Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine

I sent the email along to Huffman and Levine who "represent" me and noted that they had protected Al Gore in the Sulfur BLOOMDOGGLE.  I wonder is Ms. Jackson will protect Al Gore as he sits on the board of directors of Apple.  There is no doubt she is an operative, but she will have a hard time hiding the solid waste with sulfur there in Maiden North Carolina.  Hillary will announce her candidacy tomorrow.  Ms. Jackson phony email address was not on a private server but at the EPA.  I have not found any connection of the Clintons to the BLOOMDOGGLE unless of course Al Gore sold the Clintons a Bloom 200 kw server to serve the house and IT system there at 15 Old House Lane, Chappaqua, NY 10514.


  1. This is a great post. If Bloomdoggles use commercial natural gas they are not saving any carbon dioxide. I guess they claim landfill natural gas doesn't give off carbon dioxide when it is burned.

    James H. Rust, Professor

  2. They use directed biogas but have to use the natural gas pipeline system. Therefore there is compression and carbon footprint to get the remote gas to the fool cells but the gas entering the fool cells is natural gas and has sulfur.

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