Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Apple and Earthday

Apple is celebrating Earth Day tomorrow.....  :)

How much will Al Gore lie tomorrow when he slices the Apple????  To him "solving" the climate crisis is to make another $100 million greenwashing with Bloom.  Does Big Al know about the 108,800 kilowatts of diesel generators at Apple's data center in Maiden NC?   Will Maiden actually also hear his talk and can an employee at Maiden ask him or Ms. Jackson about the 15 tons or so of hidden solid waste with sulfur from the 50 Bloom Coffins onsite at Maiden?

Sadly the earth needs some major help and Bloom Boxes are not the solution.  On Earth Day we should focus our efforts on real technologies that have real results.  Go out and buy some LED light bulbs.  Walk to the store instead of driving.  And of course tune Al Gore out, he is gangrene not green.  Of course Apple used the best photo of the "Thinker" when they posted the email that he would give a fireside chat on the state of the planet.  They should have used the photo below to promote his talk.


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