Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Can Carbon Be Sequestered?

Sure it can via photosynthesis but at a very slow rate.  The reason I got excited and wrote a book on sustainability was the day I realized that the tons of carbon in the entire sugar crop of Cuba (when Cuba was a sugar powerhouse) was less than the carbon emissions from a single coal fired power station that generates 800 megawatts.  That day I realized bio fuels were for fools and foolish governments led on by crooked academics and promoters.

Some of the very same bio fool Venture Capitalist promoters claimed they could make cement in oceans from CO2 emissions.  They foxed Peabody Coal and the US Government to give them money and guess what they could not sequester CO2 in the ocean under natural conditions.  Dr. Chu and Dr. Moniz funded power plants that produce a fairly pure CO2 stream and that then sequester the CO2 in oilfields or other underground caverns.  These projects turned out to be massively expensive and a waste of taxpayer and ratepayer money.

The best way to sequester CO2 is to keep coal unmined and oil less used.  Our problem is not the fuel.  It is the Brady Bunch lifestyle that has now gone global.  The world cannot continue to live like we are living.  We need to realize that it is just unsustainable and leading us to disaster after disaster.  On earth day we need to resolve to change the way we live rather than think we have the technological solutions to continue the madness. 

The 120 megawatts of Bloom Fool Cells operating on natural gas emit the carbon that is in approximately 8% of the present sugar crop of Cuba.  Cuba now produces 3.2 million metric tons of sugar down from 8 million metric tons in the period before Fidel.   Does this mean that Gore is a twelfth as bad as Castro?  Actually Al is much worse than Fidel but equally as greedy.  The average Cuban only emits 3.4 metric tons of CO2 per year.  The average American emits 17.6 metric tons per year.  Al Gore probably emits ten times as much as the average American. 

Bloom is not as sweet as sugar.  It is just a way for Al and his cronies like John Doerr and Colin Powell to force the poor and the middle class to subsidize their jet setting lifestyles.  Happy Earth Day!  Now wake up and smell the roses, those Blooms actually stink of sulfur and our lifestyle and the Complex are killing the planet.


  1. Well said, Lindsay. The WORLD needs an ATTITUDE chsnge in its lifestyle. BEGINNING with the Advanced Economies - not the Developing Economies. Keeping up with Jones' is what motivates peoole. The Jones' should motivate others to emulate a Green Environment - STARTING WITH THE DOW JONES'.

  2. Yeah David if folks all did their part to live more like the Honeymooners than the Brady Bunch we stand a chance.

  3. Great posting. Carbon dioxide does not need to be sequestered because it is an asset. It causes greenery to grow and the earth to have more foliage. It also causes root to be larger that makes plant more drought resistant. In addition, carbon dioxide increases make the stomata on plant leaves to be smaller which also makes them drought resistant.

    Another factor about carbon dioxide sequestering that I worry about it the effect of the upset of Lake Nygos in the Cameroon in 1986. A huge carbon dioxide bubble surfaced from the lake and smothered 10,000 head of cattle and 1400 humans. I don't want to live anywhere near a location carbon dioxide is put underground under pressure.

    James H. Rust, Professor

  4. Since it is Earth Day I have these remarks.

    Unfortunately, Earth Day has been hijacked by President Obama and environmental groups who want to use it to promote their agenda of forcing the abandonment of the earth’s abundant, inexpensive, and geographically distributed fossil fuels of coal, oil, and natural gas. Their reasoning is carbon dioxide from using fossil fuels is causing catastrophic global warming (climate change). Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Abundant energy is needed for achieving Earth Day’s goal. It takes energy to produce clean water and dispose of sewage. Fossil fuel energy is preferable for transportation than animals used in the past that despoiled roads. Fossil fuel supported energy is far cleaner and healthier for heating and cooking than wood and dung used in the past. Electricity is preferable for lighting than whale oil or candles use centuries ago. The list goes on and on.

    President Obama and environmental groups want to replace fossil fuel energy sources with solar, wind, biomass (wood), ethanol from corn, other biofuels, etc. as future energy sources. These energy sources require vast land areas in order to produce significant amounts of energy. This requires destroying millions of square miles of forest land that cleans our air and water, creates oxygen, helps cool the planet, and provides recreation.

    James H. Rust