Sunday, December 21, 2014

Failure as a tool – repeated failure as a fool

Billionaires have a way of slapping each other on the back.  Branson loves Khosla as evidenced from Branson posting on his Virgin site the link of failure as a tool

“I love these quick lessons in using failure as a tool by Vinod Khosla, founder of Sun Microsystems among many, many other things. A friend pointed me to this great infographic after spotting my own blog on the dividing line between success and failure.
"No failure means no risk, which means nothing new," says Vinod. I couldn't agree more.
"Create a culture of experimentation," he adds. "If everyone stuck to being well behaved there would be no progress."
Sir Richard is partners with Vinod in Gevo the flop of a bio fuel company that has its shares trading at around 30 cents a share. 

Sir Richard and Vinod are tied at the hip with LanzaTech. 

I have opined of the greenwashing by Siemens in their investment in LanzaTech.

Sir Richard is right to use failure as a tool but he is now proving Einstein right in that repeated failure is a fool’s insanity.  Sir Richard take a break from partnering with a Khosla green company and concentrate on flying with those sexy yet pure Air Stewardesses.  Condi Rice was dumb to join the board of directors of Khosla’s KIOR flop.  But you don’t see or hear Condi saying another word about bio fuels being a reality.  She may be a war on carbon criminal, but she is no fool to be used twice as a tool by Khosla.