Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Coda Blue For Real

Coda Automotive has gone bust.  Just as the Green Machine predicted.

Wow they went through $344 million to sell only 100 electric vehicles.  The folks who bought a Coda for about $30,000 after Uncle Sam and California gifted them money have a real museum piece that actually cost $3.44 million to manufacture.  Coda was a bipartisan effort brought to you by Hank Paulson (Bush's sec of treasury) and John Bryson (Obama's sec of commerce).  Two real wonderful public servants.

Al Gore spoke to a reporter at the Milken Conference and said our government is owned by special interests.  His interview is that "our democracy has been hacked".

The video of him is like a SNL (Saturday Night Live) episode.  Is he for real?  Mike Milken served time for insider trading and hopes to redeem himself via the MIlken Institute.  Al Gore should get a life sentence for the insider trading his Kleiner Perkins group has done at the DOE.  When Fisker goes flat line Al Gore will say he was not involved with the company and any statements he made about electric vehicles were by an imposter who hacked his account.

Thomas Friedman the great "futurist" at the New York Times told Obama back in 2010 that saving the old internal combustion engine car companies was dumb as hell and that Coda the Sino American partnership was the wave of the future.

Tommy the world is flat and your prediction is as flat as a Coda battery.