Monday, May 27, 2013

Can Elon Suck Lake Mead Dry?

Elon Musk the wunderkind of “Green” Tech has pushed his stock to an all-time high of over $90 a share.  The New York Times claims that Tesla “has had success”, while discussing the failure of other EV companies.

Yes Elon has had success and paid off the loan based on a high valuation of his stock.  Stock analysts have stated that to support the present stock price Tesla must grow unit sales by at least 90% a year and reach a sales volume of over 500,000 vehicles a year.

If Elon does achieve this level of sales and each vehicle has an 85 kwh battery pack then Elon will use all the power generated by the Hoover Dam to simply produce the battery packs.  Elon is a smart guy and may just have the capacity to suck Lake Mead dry.    Elon did spend a few years living in Ontario and he did drink Canada Dry so emptying Lake Mead is not “impossible” for the “Green Wunderkind.”

Ok enough nonsense.  I saw some really promising technology from a young man I know who is heading a small company called LinkDrive.   He blogged on his website that their device to train truck drivers to be more efficient drivers is beginning to yield positive results.  I suggest you all read his blog.

LinkDrive is just trying to save a few pennies per mile on large trucks.  But LinkDrive is really green as it did not need all the energy from the Hoover Dam to get to the point of success.  It just took brains, hard work, a little angel money without government loans and Goldman Sachs hyping a stock.  I salute the bright young men from LinkDrive.


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  2. And if you're just a regular Joe/Jessica who has to drive around in an personal ICE 'buggie', there's this application that one of my former classmates had a hand in developing...

    We need more applications like LinkDrive and Automatic to educate and change the consumerism behavior to be more mindful about resources and carbon spewing behaviors.

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