Sunday, May 26, 2013

Plug Pulled On Better Place

The Project called Project Better Place that I called Project Out Of Space in many of my blogs going back three years has had its plug pulled.

Finally Idan Ofer the chairman of Israel Corp the major investor in Better Place has pulled the plug on the hair brain idea not so Shai Agassi brought forth.

Charlie Rose and Thomas Friedman two of America’s “greatest” minds loved the idea and touted how brilliant Shai Agassi was.  Even TED had Shai talk his thermodynamic nonsense.  The Green Machine saw right through the junk science and called it a dog from the very start.

So the Musketeer is the last man standing and his Teslacle has not yet dropped.  He paid off the DOE loans and his stock still defies gravity and logic.  Let’s all watch how well the 22 MPGe Model S sells if Tommy Friedman and Charlie the Wilted Rose start telling the truth about how gangrene plug in vehicles really are.  As for Israel Corp they should stick to plain old phosphate mining in the Dead Sea as lithium phosphate batteries certainly short circuited for them and the batteries are Dead as A Door Nail.  

This is another nail in the coffin of plugin vehicles for the masses and Obama’s grand plan for a million of these vehicles on the road by 2015.   Here is the department of entropy’s announcement of Obama’s grand plan back in February 2011.

Poor Obama he has four scandals to deal with and his attempt to make the US a Better Place is in reverse gear.

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