Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ray Lane Leaves Fisker

Ray Lane who is Al Jazeera Gore’s partner at Kleiner Perkins (KP) resigned his board seat at Fisker.

The Green Machine has oft blogged that Lane, Gore, and Doerr had old Chu Chu eating out of the palms of their hands and the whole story of crony capitalism was rife in the department of entropy.  I also blogged that KP and Alfonso the Great were going to throw Ray to the wolves as the sacrificial lamb in the Fisker Fiasco.  Poor Poor Ray.  First he quits being Chairman of Hewlett Packard.  Then he "retires" from KP.  And now booted off the Fisker board.  Ray you poor guy from now on we will call you Ray Lamb not Ray Lane.

I actually think Congressman Jordan will still call Lane and Doerr to a hearing and try get the truth out of them how they used political connection through their Partner Al Jazeera Gore and Strategist Colin Powell to influence public policy.  Lamb and Show me the Door know how to count to five and may be playing the fifth Sym Phony when they appear.

I do hope that Rep Jordan pulls the two medium size fish of Lane and Doerr into a hearing and then we hear how Gore, Powell, and others pulled the strings on the puppet Chu and his boss. 

This is wonderful news and will make exciting TV watching for me.    The real finale for me will be when the FTC investigates KP’s other wunderkind Bloom Energy for sheer greenwashing on a grand scale and they are forced to pay back hundreds of millions of investment tax credits they took from the IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board on their inefficient, toxic, high carbon emission, and overly expensive Box they claimed was over 60% efficient.  The Four Star General, Mr. Powell, sits on the board of Bloom on behalf of KP and it may well be time for him to pull a Ray Lane stunt and resign.  Ray sure knows how to write board resignation letters.

My informants tell me that Al Gore is “green” with envy of Elon Musk and wishes that Fisker had never split from Tesla.  Yeah Mr. Fisker helped Tesla with car design in the early days and then moved on to form Fisker.  Tesla sued Fisker five years ago.  Tesla setttled the suit in the end by paying Fisker the sum of $1,144,385.03 for Lawyers Fees and costs.

The whole country would have been far better off if Dr. Chu only had one crony company to fund and then Al Gore could have made some of Elon’s green.  Is it my imagination or is it true that Albert has been very quiet of late?  Maybe breathing air with 400 parts per million of CO2 actually has the effect of shutting him up.


  1. Thought you might appreciate there are others in the blogosphere that are in-line with your sentiments on these shortcomings...

    Joel Peterson
    Chairman, JetBlue Airways. Stanford Business School
    Top 10 Hiring Mistakes, #3: Hiring the Resume, not the Person

    Hiring someone because they have an impressive resume is like buying a car because you love the brochure. If you fail to look under the hood, buyer beware. Your new hire may end up like the Fisker Karma: the coveted hybrid sports car looked like a million bucks, but was so ridden with glitches that the manufacturer had to halt production and start looking for bankruptcy protection.