Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tesla at $105 Make that $110

Wow the stock traded at $105 today.  Update it hit $110.  I also remember when Apple traded at $705.  When will reality set in?  Gravity was discovered by a falling apple, maybe anti-gravity will be discovered by a rising teslacle?

The Wall Street Journal pegs the government subsidy of Tesla at $45,000 a car.

 I peg the real MPGs at 22.  The EPA has a fake number of 89 MPG. 

OK so the tax payers invested $485 million in Tesla and got back an extra $20 million.  Elon and Goldman Sachs invested a few hundred million each and got back billions.

It is interesting that the DOE had some covenants that prevented Elon from selling most of his shares or merging the company.  Now that the DOE is paid back Elon does not have those restrictions.

He still claims he will deliver a people’s EV in three to four years.  Hey, that was the basis for the DOE loan four years ago so I guess that promise has slipped by four years. 


Isn’t life great?  A gangrene vehicle painted green by government and given incubation tax dollars and massive subsidy makes billions for some and the market places a value of $105 a share.   I have to give it to Elon he may well suck Lake Mead dry.   His job is half done as the drought and high draw on water has Lake Mead half empty already.

Ask me if the lake is half full or half empty?

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