Sunday, January 21, 2018

Don't Cry For Me Indiana

Alchemy Gore and the Bloom Energy Bloomdogglers are using a guy named Mislenkov in Indiana to pickle their hazmat in hydrochloric acid.

Sloppy Scott Pruitt allows Bloom to claim the hazmat is not hazmat as soon as the hazmat gets into Mislenkov's hands.

Now a new weapon for street protestors called the Mislenkov Cocktail has been developed.  It has hydrogen sulfide, benzene,lead dichloride, chromium trichloride, and worst of all arsenic trichloride.  A far bigger button than gasoline.  Actually a huge button!

Rachel Meadows on MSNBC went nuts about Trump and Chromium.  She should go ballistic over the Mislenkov Cocktail Alchemy Al Gore and Sloopy Scott Pruitt concocted in Pence's home state.

My slide looks a lot like the Argentinean flag.  We truly are becoming a banana republic.

The Indiana State Flag could be used by the joint South Korea and North Korea team at the Olympics.  A torch and stars.

As far as I am concerned my government shut down in February 2010 when Bloom Bloomdoggle launched and the government and Leslie Stahl helped them perpetrate the largest ecofraud ever.  An Eva Peron lookalike was spotted at the Women's March in Bloomington Indiana yesterday.   Yes Bloomington is now the epicenter of the Bloomdoggle.