Saturday, January 13, 2018

Cobalt Comes From a S#@T HOLE

All this talk about feces, electric vehicles and cobalt got me thinking about ablution areas.  As you all know I busted the KIOR ecofraud.  The word Kior in Hebrew means the wash basin in the ancient temple.

The word cobalt means a heavy metal primarily extracted by child labor working like slaves in a S@#T Hole in the Congo.

Now the real data on electric trucks and not the BS from Elongate Musketeer.  The lowest present costs are around $300,000 for a range of approximately 150 miles.  This is a BYD truck not using cobalt chemistry.  Elon's cobalt intensive truck will cost $500,000 and will have a range of approximately 300 miles.

The BYD batteries will last through 8,000 cycles and the Elongate trucks will survive 3,000 cycles of charging and discharging.

A BYD truck will be good for 1.2 million miles on a short haul route and Elon's truck may have a little longer range and will be good for approximately 900,000 miles.  These are respectable distances over the life of a truck.  The question is how many hours a day will the truck be idle and recharging?

The BYD truck will carry the same load as their battery pack has less range, but if BYD produced a truck using the iron phosphate chemistry their loading capacity would be 10,000 pounds less for the same 300 mile range.

Given that the electric truck is best suited for short haul service, I am beginning to feel that BYD will dominate the initial market for electric trucks.  Perhaps solid state batteries will be developed that make the lithium ion battery look like a lead battery on a acid trip and that new technology will allow electric trucks to take a huge market share away from diesel and gasoline trucks, but for now my guess is BYD will be the leader in a niche market.

BYD stands for Build Your Dreams but in the case of electric trucks it means Bring Your Dollars as the initial cost of the truck will twice that of diesel.

As for Donald Trump you can tell him I came to the US from Africa and I am proud of that.  Also Africans don't drive Tesla's that require child slave labor but Norwegians do.  No one has ever accused the Green Machine of having S@#T For Brains.  Even the former treasurer of the DNC called me "Frighteningly Bright"


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