Sunday, January 7, 2018

2017 a Year of Accomplishment

Most folks are worried about the state of the world.  After decades of mismanagement the US is back on course.  The following happened in 2017.

Imports of oil were down by 21%

Plug in vehicle sales were up over 30% and close to 200,000

Gasoline consumption dropped 1% while the economy grew at almost 3%

The US no longer will hand out tens of billions of dollars to failed countries like Pakistan.

The US will no longer tolerate gangrene fake companies like Bloom Energy and hand out tens of billions of dollars to the Obama library builders.

Things are really going well and as I have often said CH4 Not Gore saved America and lowered CO2 emissions.

On a personal note the investigation of the Bloom Energy Ecofraud is gaining momentum.  In 2017, I spoke with the US SEC, US FTC, and the US EPA to end the Bloomdoggle.

The public advocate in Delaware is now preparing an intervention against the rip off of $100,000 a day by Gore and the cronies in the Bloomdoggle in the first state.

The new tax law does not include the 30% investment tax credit for the dirty fuel cells that Bloom sells.

The California SGIP is no longer a slush fund for Al Gore and his cronies at Bloom.

Several of the fake gangrene ecofraud startups that Kleiner Perkins and Khosla Ventures hyped are now dead and shut down.  Most importantly Doerr and Khosla no longer have a crooked president in the White House to protect them and dine with.

All in all 2017 was a great year for making America Dry Again.

President Trump knows the laws of thermodynamics are inviolable and he knows that science practiced by #44 was pure Voodoo Science.

It was wonderful to see Dan Kammen of Berkeley finally quit his post at the State Department as a "science" advisor.  Kammen is the poster child of the fake science of Cellulosic Ethanol.  Kammen, Chu, and Moniz promised 5.5 billion gallons of his cellulosic fire water for the year 2017, we got approximately 10 million gallons.  Kammen thinks gaining a score of 1 in 500 is a passing grade at Berkeley.  I happen to think that 0.2% is a BIG F.

2018 is going to be even better with the economy growing, electric vehicles selling even more strongly, and the world finally realizing that Bloom is Solyndra time eight, Flint on steroids, and 120 stinking Whitefish.