Monday, January 15, 2018


I found a document on the internet from the California Department of Toxic Substances Control that proves the US, California and Indiana are all S#@T HOLES.

Bloom approached the state of Indiana to declare that their hazmat is non hazardous if the hazmat is used as a raw material in producing other materials.  Of course the home of Mike Pence who works for the S#@T FOR BRAINS Trump agreed with crooked greedy Al Gore and the cronies that their S#@T don't stink.

Then the US EPA under Trump and the thermodynamic cretin Pruitt agreed with Indiana and Bloom that Al Gore's S#@T Don't Stink.

Then the California Department of Toxic Substances Control agreed with lying Pruitt's US EPA team that Al Gore's S#@T don't stink.

Now we have Meshuganah Moonbeam's DSTC agreeing with S#@T FOR BRAINS Trump's EPA that Bloom's hazmat is not hazardous.

The hazmat is sent to a facility called Shoremet owned by a Russian sounding guy named Mislenkov.  Shoremet pickles the hazmat with hydrochloric acid and claims to produce copper chloride from copper oxide in the canisters.

Bloom has admitted the hazmat has benzene, lead, chromium and arsenic.  Lead and chromium are more reactive than copper in hydrochloric acid.  Hence, Shoremet also produces arsenic chloride, lead chloride and chromium chloride and who knows what else.

On top of this Bloom has admitted they load the filtering material in the hazmat, until it has reached 90% of the capacity to trap sulfur.  This means the hazmat is mainly copper sulfide and not copper oxide as lying Bloom and and their cold fusion guys at Shoremet have claimed.

The copper sulfide will react with hydrochloric acid to form hydrogen sulfide (H2S).  H2S stinks like rotten eggs and this for sure means Al Gore's S#@T does stink.   In fact there will be so much H2S that the entire stinking State of Indiana where Pence hails from will stink far worse than all the combined S#@T Houses in all of Africa where I hail from.

Pence is such a suck up to Trump that he is known as the compound Ass Lick Chloride which should not to be mixed up with Arsenic Chloride.  Arsenic chloride (AsCl3) is a toxic highly poisonous oily substance.

I will investigate if the Lap Dog Pence and his master S#@T FOR BRAINS Trump had a hand in the EPA decision to follow Voodoo S#@T Science in Indiana and let Bloom off the hook for the hundreds of tons of hazmat they generate each year?   Maybe Pruitt did it?

Obama let Khosla and Con D Rice off the hook in the KIOR Ecofraud.  Yes folks I am now convinced that the US whether led by Obama or Trump is totally full of S@#T when it comes to the rule of law and equal justice.

The Bloomdogglers own them all.  I admit to my mistakes.  The two biggest mistakes I have ever made are voting for Gore in 2000, and voting for Trump in 2016.  Sadly my next vote is for a write in candidate named Mickey Mouse.

It is now reported that humans not rats spread Black Death in the middle ages.  Yes head lice and fleas from humans in Europe in places like Norway spread the plague.  Sub Saharan Africa although not white never had black death in the Middle Ages.

The US better get its S#@T together or we will all die of gangrene.  Yes Crooked Corrupt Government and their Greedy Cronies can cause gangrene.  The Bloomdoggle is gangrene all over not just in the toes or scrotum.  You all may want to Google gangrene of the scrotum that is one S#@tty disease.