Friday, February 9, 2018

Baby Fund My Fire By The Doerrs

John and Ann Doer are four Harvey Wallbanger Weinsteins when it come to political contributions.  16 links on Open Secrets versus 4 for Harvey Weinstein

The Doerrs funded the Senate Democrats super big time.  Several million dollars over the past 5 years.

Now it comes out that Chuck Schumer previously known as Chuck the Schmuck but now known as Schumer the Bloomer has worked for over two years for Congress to restore the investment tax credit for Bloom Fuel Cell coffins.

Schumer the Bloomer's own words from today

“This tax credit not only incentivizes businesses to purchase clean, American-made fuel cells from innovative companies like Plug Power, but it is also a proven job creator.  When I visited Plug Power in 2010 the company had 87 employees, when I returned in 2016 they had over 300 employees, and revenue had increased by 400 percent!  The ITC tax credit had a lot to do with that success, so I knew it must be renewed, but it wasn’t easy.  I’ve been working for over two years to bring my colleagues together, from both sides of the aisle, to pass this extension, and yesterday our hard work finally paid off.  Simply put, this pro-growth credit will continue to allow companies like Plug Power grow and create even more jobs for a generation to come,” said Senator Charles E. Schumer.

Yes folks the #1 song on Billboard is Baby Fund My Fire by The Doerrs.  Schumer The Bloomer wrote and produced the song.

This is not comedy it is tragedy.

The Doerrs should be singing The End but instead Schumer the Bloomer continues the Bloomdoggle.

The Doerrs handed out approximately $2 million to senate Democrats in the last 24 months.  This tax credit is plain payola for that money.
Other Doerrs songs hitting the top of the charts are:

Been Down So Long But Now We Have Tax Credits

Five Hundred to One is Our Payback

Tell all the people we are green

Hello I love you Chuck Schumer

Take the money as it comes

Back Doerr Man

Love Her Madly Nancy Pelosi

Wishful Sinful and Hazardous

LA Woman Maxine Waters


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