Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Bloom Invents The Mislenkov Cocktail

Alchemy Gore and the Bloom Energy Bloomdogglers are using a guy named Mislenkov in Indiana to pickle their hazmat in hydrochloric acid.

Sloppy Scott Pruitt allows Bloom to claim the hazmat is not hazmat as soon as the hazmat gets into Mislenkov's hands.

Now a new weapon for street protestors called the Mislenkov Cocktail has been developed.  It has hydrogen sulfide and arsenic trichloride.  A far bigger button than gasoline.  Actually a huge button!

Mike Pence asked his boss about the Mislenkov Cocktail.  Trump stated he does not drink and has no recollection of ever hearing about the Mislenkov Cocktail and that Mislenkov did not meet his son or son in law in Trump Tower.  Trump did know that hydrogen sulfide gives feces or S**T as he calls the stuff its pungent odor.  Trump also remarked he was a genius in chemistry in high school.

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