Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tesla Applied For $143.6 million of SGIP Money In California

March 26 2015 - I have now confirmed that Tesla did apply for $143,603,293 under the SGIP.  

This makes them the fourth largest applicant under the SGIP after Bloom Energy, Fuel Cell Energy and General Electric.  Bloom Energy made applications of $575,673,155.  FCEL made applications of $256,735,172.  GE Made applications for $174,604,512.  BP Solar applied for $120.4 million.  

March 25 2015 evening -  More breaking news Scott Murtishaw of the CPUC contacted me and now says that Tesla applied for $143.6 million in total under the SGIP.  The sorting in the spreadsheet by the name Tesla was not done correctly.  The CPUC will tell me tomorrow exactly how much was paid to Tesla, how much was cancelled, and how much will be paid.  The original data in the sort of the spreadsheet was incorrect.  I am still falling off my seat that Tesla applied for $143.6 million.  

Remember this is the fund that Bloom Energy also plundered with their false claims of green, reliable, and affordable power.

I had a hunch that Elon Musk was tapping into the SGIP.  

Of course Elon has some explaining to do on his Giga extraction of funds under the SGIP that was intended to support Self Generation of electricity.  SGIP = Self Generation Incentive Program.

This makes Range Anxiety a minor problem.  This is simply deranged government at work to support the COMPLEX.


  1. The road to hell is paved with good intentions... good intentions that become reasonable government incentives... that become tools of power and corruption for crony capitalists and klepto-socialists.

  2. Absolutely stunning! I'm making a compilation of all of Tesla's frauds and as soon as details are available I'll include this.


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