Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Tale Of Two Transportation Authorities

It is March 2013 and the politicians are handing out money for green nonsense like the money is candy.  There are two Transportation Agencies located in the San Franscisco Bay Area.  AC Transit the bunch of fools and crooks I have written about several times, and VTA the Valley Transportation Agency.

In March 2013 AC Transit commissioned the Bloom Coffins for their Hydrogen BLOOMDOGGLE with great fanfare.

On March 29, 2013 Michael T Burns the General manager of the Valley Transporation Authority (VTA) kills the Bloom project that  three members of Congress tried to force upon the VTA.  These three Congressional fools from the Military Industrial Congressional Complex who were doing the work for Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell were Lofgren, Eshoo, and Honda.  All three are Democrats who believe that the Bloom Coffins are green.

CNN has reported on the Tale of Two Dresses.  Actually it is one dress that some see as Gold and White while others see as Black and Blue.   The three congresspersons and the entire staff of AC Transit see gangrene as green.  Not because they are color blind it is because they are owned by the Military Industrial Congressional Complex and Al Gore and his cronies pull their strings.

The color changing dress is actually quite brilliant while the Bloom Coffin is simply a gangrene greenwashed scam.  Here is the CNN piece on the color changing dress.

If you really want to cry about politicians and MICC operatives bending over backwards to help Bloom execute their greenwashed lies look at this video Bloom is proud to use when recruiting engineers.  Senator Feinstein and Mayor Bloomberg have great roles in the launching of the BLOOMDOGGLE.   The CEO of Bloom reminds me of a snake charmer.  He makes a gangrene sulfur filled poisonous cobra pretend to be a Smooth Green Snake that is harmless.

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