Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bloom Plus Tesla = Half a Billion Dollars of Ratepayer Money

Yes folks between Bloom Energy and Tesla ratepayers for electric service in California are gifting a half billion dollars under the SGIP to these well connected crony companies for pretend green nonsense.

Actually what is even more sad is how wrong the pundits and gurus at the New York Times were who helped all this greenwashing nonsense happen.

I have previously blogged that Thomas Friedman of the New York Times was a thermodynamic neophyte in his claims that Coda and Project Better Place would dominate the automobile space.  Both are now bankrupt.  

I found an article in the NYT from five years ago where Tommy talks utter nonsense about Vinod Kholsa and KR Sridhar, the two thermodynamic jokers who defrauded America.  Vinod is well known for his thermodynamic failures post the Tommy by the Who article.  Yes the same Vinod, Friedman claimed in March 2010 was a guru is being sued by the State of Mississippi for the KIOR for FRAUD.  KR Sridhar is the CEO of Bloomdoggle Energy.

This article Tommy wrote in March 2010 is linked below.  He called it "Dreaming The Possible Dream".  It should now be titled "The Gangrene Nightmare".

The utter nonsense of making cement from CO2 and sea water turned out to be a thermodynamic bust.  The company Calera took money from Peabody Coal and the US DOE and yielded nothing.  The thermodynamic neophyte from Bechtel, Ian Copland, was part of the gangrene hoax.  The biggest hucksters though are Thomas Friedman and his editors at the Times.   They published pure nonsense.   Remember Mathew Wald another reporter from the Times hyped Kior stock.

I suggest that Wald and Friedman both be added to the suit Mississippi has brought against Khosla and his cronies.  Wald and Friedman were simply too ill informed to write about energy and should cover the weather where they are allowed to be completely wrong most of the time.  The New York Times says "all the news that is fit to print".  They should now say "all the Gorey greenwashing that fits our political agenda".

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