Saturday, March 7, 2015

No Growth In EV Sales In The US

Tons of hoopla in the press about how EVs are taking to roads, but sadly the facts do not bear this out.  For the first two months of 2015 sales of cars with and electrical plug to charge them are down very slightly from the first two months of 2014. 12,660 vehicles were sold in 2015 versus 12,740 in 2014.

Only BMW and Ford had sales gains, while the others including Tesla are suffering death by a thousand cuts in current flow.   The CEO at Tesla had to put out a statement that his giggle factory near Reno is still progressing on schedule even though the electrician union that will help build the factory reported only 20% of the expected electrician jobs had materialized.  Perhaps Harry Reid but never Right who helped steer the project to Nevada can find out if Elon Musk is hiring non-union electricians and construction workers?

Meanwhile Dr. Moniz is reporting that gasoline consumption in the ignited states has increase 5.2% in the first two months of 2015 over the same period a year ago.

Dr. Moniz will be three for three in increasing CO2 emissions in the USA.  He entered office in 2013 and CO2 emissions increased in his first year heading the department of entropy, there was an increase in 2014, and there will be an increase in 2015.  Dr. Moniz loves baseball and he should know three strikes you are out.   I wonder if he has his own mail server in his basement or he has a email address?  

Dr. Moniz posted that he is working with John Kerry will to keep us safe and assure the world the Iranians will make electrons from their yellow cake.   Bloom Energy makes electrons together with yellow cake from natural gas.  Their yellow cake is the solid waste with sulfur that they finally admitted to generating from pipeline natural gas.   I am honing in on the quantity of solid waste with sulfur that Bloom produces but never permitted in Delaware and this quantity is estimated to 100,000 pounds a year at the Red Lion site in the protected coastal zone.

Talking of the BLOOMDOOGLE, I have challenged one Jaimie Levin who once headed the AC Transit fuel cell bus program to a public debate.  I found out this week that Mr. Levin has left AC Transit after wasting $87.6 million on the AC Transit BLOOMDOGGLE.  Like Collin O’Mara the cabinet secretary in Deal Away that issued Bloom the permit for the Red Lion site, Jaimie Levin now has a job in a greener pasture.   Levin now works at CTE - The Center for Transportation and the Environment.  I doubt Mr. Levin will take me on in a debate as he studied Urban Planning and I studied thermodynamics and know quite a bit more about the Hope or Hype of Hydrogen.

If EV sales are dismal the much hyped fuel cell car sales will be far worse.   I am hoping Apple does the iTransporter and sells us chauffeured miles.  Hudson sold a Commodore car.  Commodore sold the first personal computer.  Maybe the iTransporter will be the Apple Commodore?  I hope it is not the Mitsubishi i-MiEV.