Friday, March 27, 2015

Bloom’s Error – Picking IKEA As A Customer

I knew that someday Bloom would find a customer that actually is green.  They and their Kleiner Perkins connected companies like Apple and Google are far from green and the BLOOMDOGGLING to extract ratepayer and taxpayer money served these companies and Bloom Energy very well.

The mistake Bloom made was to find a customer that actually wants to do good for the world.  IKEA is such a customer.  IKEA announced earlier this week they will purchase biogas for a 300 kw Bloom Fuel Cell at the large IKEA store in Emeryville California.  This is a first of a kind project for IKEA that is noted for their sustainability program and their commitment to green energy.  

Bloom fed IKEA the greenwashed data on 1,304 tons of avoided CO2 per year with a 95% total performance factor.   I contacted Mr. Joseph Roth at IKEA and sent him the real data on the reliability of the Bloom Coffins as well as the real data on the actual grid emissions.  Mr. Roth forwarded my emails internally at IKEA.  I know this because he called me this morning to speak with me.  He is now well aware that Bloom Coffins create a solid waste stream with sulfur and that too will be investigated by IKEA.  I told him not to be surprised if IKEA’s CO2 savings are only half of what Bloom promised and that half a ton of solid waste with sulfur is generated at the Emeryville store.

He assured me that IKEA takes sustainability seriously and they will keep a very close eye on what is actually achieved by the Bloom system at their Emeryville site.  I thanked him for the call and thanked him for IKEA actually wanting to be sustainable and green.  If only the myriad other major corporations that have Bloom Coffins had the same honest ecological interest as IKEA, the BLOOMDOGGLE might have ended years ago.  Alas Al Gore in on the board at Apple, and Kleiner Perkins pulls many strings at Google and EBay.   These gangrene companies are just happy to take handouts from ratepayers and taxpayers to lower their energy bills without any desire to lower their CO2 footprint or deal with the proper handling of potentially hazardous solid waste with sulfur.

The BLOOMDOGGLE in California is massive.  From the spreadsheet the CPUC sent me a couple days ago on Tesla and the SGIP, I extracted how much Bloom Energy has grabbed of the SGIP.  They requested $575,673,133 of SGIP money.  They stand to receive $404,046,545 from the SGIP all of which (every last cent) comes directly from ratepayers. 

Bloom and their friends in government and American industry have greenwashed galore like Gore.  Luckily IKEA stands out as a shining green star in the wasteland of the BLOOMDOGGLE. IKEA stands for It's Kleen Energy Afterall.