Saturday, March 7, 2015

Selma and Sand Hill Road

It was 50 years ago today that Bloody Sunday happened in Selma Alabama.   My wife asked me the question on why have attitudes not really changed in fifty years whereas cars, computers, televisions, cameras, telephones have improved so much?  The simple answer to her question is that the greed and fear of people are as they were when we were all living in caves.   The complex answer to her question is as follows:

While we all think we live in a country of equal opportunity and where “they will not be judged by the color of their skin but the content of their character”, we simply do not live in that utopia.   The complex answer actually has to with the Complex.  Yes, the Military Industrial Congressional Complex.

The Complex is far more entrenched in owning and running America in 2015 than it was in 1965.   The disparity in wages between the CEO and the workers is far greater in 2015 than it was in 1965.   President Eisenhower warned in 1961 of the Complex.  Martin Luther King Jr. had dreams in 1963 and marched in 1965.  The Complex had more than dreams; they had the power and used it to get even more power.

The Complex actually is no longer lily white as it was in 1965; instead, it is now a global Complex of all shades.  And, its basic operation remains the same: the sinister control of elected officials, unelected officials, and civil servants to extract as much wealth as they can from the rest of mankind.   The complex has gone beyond the color of the skin and as long as the content of your character is sinister you are welcomed into the Complex.   Colin Powell, Condi Rice, and Vinod Khosla all have non-white skins.  Yet, they are members of the Complex, together with Halliburton, Walmart, Al Gore, John Doerr, Jamie Diamon, Dick Cheney, and the Clintons.  Eisenhower would never have thought Algeria and the Saudis would fund a former president’s foundation to the tune of millions.  But this is what has happened.  The global Complex at work.  The Clintons at work.

Martin Luther King Jr. is far above this all.  He is still a beacon of hope and Selma is the bridge to hope.  What is needed is that the people simply don’t take nonsense anymore.  The people in Ferguson were wrong to accuse just one officer for premeditated murder, but were 100% right to demand justice and an honest police force and municipal court system.   Attorney General Holder was eloquent and brilliant, and I applaud him and his department.   Unfortunately, his boss is beholden to the Complex and is part of the Complex.  

Both Doerr and Khosla have hosted to the president to dinners, to bend his ears and to raise money for him and his party.  Doerr and Khosla have extracted hundreds of millions of dollars of our money with fake green science, gangrene, technology and fake green promises.  Doerr and Khosla are no different than the cops in Selma Alabama 50 years ago or the police force and municipal court in Ferguson today.  They have this arrogant attitude that they are always correct, know better than all, have power, and are entitled to extract fortunes for fraudulent gangrene junk.  

I intend to ask the next US AG to investigate the DOJ of Delaware and the entire State Government in Delaware on the BLOOMDOGGLE.  The BLOOMDOGGLE is a daily bank robbery of over $100,000 each and every day in Delaware from the poor ratepayers of DELMARVA Power.  The BLOOMDOGGLE is orchestrated by Al Gore, Colin Powell, and John Doerr.   They promised clean, reliable, and affordable power.  Instead, they delivered dirty, unreliable, and exorbitantly expensive power.   They screwed the poor ratepayers of DELMARVA Power.  The police force and municipal court in Ferguson promised to obey the constitution.  The sad reality is that they delivered corrupt government.

If Martin Luther King Jr were alive today, he would be saddened to see the State of our Union.  Racist cops still use dogs on people of color, and the multicolored Complex have leashes and collars around the necks of our government officials, from the First State all the way to the Yellowhammer State.  Interesting that Alabama is the Yellowhammer state and Sulfur is yellow.  My hope is that people of all color really focus on the content of the character of those who lead us and whom we elect.  If Hillary Clinton is nominated for her party to be their candidate for president, I would say she does not deserve the job based on the content of her character.  I do believe that Martin Luther King Junior looked down on Eric Holder two days ago and was proud of  Holder’s eloquent and frank speech, that exonerated the one officer doing his job, and yet indicted the entire Ferguson police force and municipal court for systematically depriving  people of their civil rights.

There is no fundamental difference between the State Government of Delaware and its DOJ and the police force and municipal court in Ferguson.  They all methodically deprive common folks of their civil rights.  Stephen Hawking said “we are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star but, we can understand the Universe.  That makes us “something special.”   Folks, we are special; we want social, economic, and environmental justice for all the monkeys on this minor planet.   We understand the Universe and the Complex. 

The simple answer may be that it was far easier to understand how to make microelectronic chips or to make cars, computers, TVs, and phones better than it is to stop human greed and fear.  The complex answer is that Complex does not want a society based upon the contents of one’s character unless of course one shares the same sinister desire to subjugate people.   If we rid ourselves of the Complex, the answer again will be simple: that we are all special and we understand the Universe.   Stephen Hawking also said “entropy increases in time as we measure time in the direction entropy increases.”  I would rephrase this that “The Complex increases in time as we measure time in the direction that the Complex increases.”   Let’s call a total time out on who is running the show.  It is We The People!!!

Let’s pause for a moment and remember Selma.  Then, let’s end all BLOOMDOGGLES and crimes against humanity and nature, all the way from Selma to Sand Hill Road.  Sand Hill Road is the Selma of 2015.


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  2. Lindsay:
    I commend the sentiments you express here, but do not share your Optimism.
    As a student of Human Nature, I see the situation slightly differently.
    The fundamental problem is really "us" vs "them". As a species, we always identify with those with those MOST LIKE US and Disagree or Disavow those most UNLIKE US. We ALWAYS rationalize BEING "Us" rather than the nebulous, nefarious "them".
    We SELF IDENTIFY with the "RIGHT SIDE". This in its basic Form is PREJUDICE.. We practice Prejuduce SUBCONSCIOUSLY snd DAILY. Is rooting for the "49's" or any local Sports or other team, especially Little League, based on LOGIC or EMOTION? ??. Prejuduce is NOT RACE OR OTHER AGENDA BASED, but "comfort" based. We feel most comfortable with those most like ourselves. The "us" vs "them". The familiar with the unfamiliar. PREJUDUCE is NORMAL HUMAN BEHAVIOUR but putting that Prejudice into PRACTICE is NOT - we are confusing Prejudice with DISCRIMINATION.
    DISCRIMINATION is the basis of the MIPPC - The Military Industrial Political Power Complex - as u put it.
    And in the US, the distinction is between the haves and the havenots. The 1% and the 99%. The 99% have been hoodwinked since the US Barons saw the writing on the wall in the reat of the world. To ENSURE they kept their actual PURCHASING POWER PARITY, PPP, the 1% pushed the idea of The American Dream. Instead of Zero Dollars in the Bank - the average 99% has Thousands and with Retirement Assets sometimes Millions, but these are PERCEIVED NUMERICAL DOLLARS - not ACTUAL PPP; or a greater Percentage ownerahip of the Entire Economic Pie. We simply have the same sized slices of the pie with EXAGGERATED AND OVERINFLATED NUMERICAL VALUE - not purchasing value. In other words, we are victims of a massive con..
    In the US we are driven by fear of being considered "them" and not "us" and that's why the FUNDAMENTALS have NOT CHANGED - just the ALLIANCES that Constitute our concepts of "us" and "them".

  3. David excellent points. I still am optimistic that the advanced breed of monkeys can get their crap together on a minor planet and form a more perfect union.