Friday, October 10, 2014

When LanzaTech Deranged Range and New Zealand

Before Vinod Khosla pulled his gangrene tricks in Mississippi with Kior, he pulled a similar stunt in Georgia with Range Fuels.  Range was another of Mr. Khosla’s thermodynamic wonders.  The guru of green as he was once known left Georgia pine trees in a mess. 

Range sold of the bankrupt plant in Georgia to another company in Mr. Khosla’s network.  That company is LanzaTech.   National Geographic wrote an article about this.

Khosla Ventures wrote about LanzaTech and LanzaTech wrote about Khosla.

OK so we have Vinnie investing in LanzaTech.  After Range goes bust and does not repay the US Taxpayer, LanzaTech buys Range’s bankrupt plant.

Now moving forward a bit.  Vinnie must not have loved the All Blacks for his Black Swan LanzaTech, as the company moved its HQ from New Zealand to Illinois.

Looking deeper into the nzherald article one Jim Massina who was Mr. Obama campaign manager in 2012 joined the board of LanzaTech in September of 2013.  Remember Mr. Khosla has Toxic Tony Blair and Criminal Condi Rice as Advisers.  Remember also that Mr. Khosla hosted a $32,400 a plate fundraiser in his home with his two big dogs for Mr. Obama on June 6 2013.

Within 3 months of the doggie diner dinner, LanzaTech appoints Jim Massina to its board.  Is this coincidence or cronyism? 

Of course it is cronyism and of course Vinod Khosla is the king of cronies.   He is also the most incapable VC in the history of thermodynamics.   His Kior is now trading for 9 cents a share and his Gevo is trading for 20 cents a share in extended hours.  To pay for the $32,400 a plate dinner one will have to sell 360,000 shares of KIOR or 162,000 shares of GEVO.  I think Mr. Obama should come to a free dinner at my house where my friends and I would teach him the basics of thermodynamics.  I have offered on several occasions to teach Congressman Huffman some basic thermo but he is simply too busy BLOOMDOGGLING in DC.  I would not even attempt to try and explain basic thermo to Khosla he is just too dumb.


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