Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lindsay Leveen Green Machine Will Be on NBC News

Tomorrow October 20, 2014 some four years and seven months since I started investigating Bloom Energy and their hyped claims of efficiency for their Bloom Boxes or Coffins as I call them, I will appear on NBC Channel 3 Bay Area in their investigative report “We Investigate Green Energy”

I will post the link to the full report after it airs and NBC makes the link available on their web site.


  1. Congratulations. The media does not provide enough coverage of the ripping off of tax payers on green energy programs. Maybe this will be a start on a change of direction and point the nation in a direction of eliminating the massive federal deficits that approach $1.5 billion per day.

    James H. Rust, Professor of nuclear engineering

  2. Prof Rust The producer and reporter at NBC pent months with me to learn thermo and all about lower heating value, higher heating value, heat rates, the CO2 released in a balanced chemical reaction involving methane. I know they did a detailed researched report. I know what I told them. I have no clue how they will report it. That is not my job nor my concern. That they gave me their time and their best effort to listen to me, makes me feel proud of the free press !!! my state and US representatives never lifted a finger but Senator Feinstein did assist.

  3. Ronald thanks. I will post the full report as soon as NBC posts it

  4. Ronald thanks. I will post the full report as soon as NBC posts it

  5. Quality certainly takes time.

    My hope is that this report by NBC is an affirmation of all your due diligence and hard work over the years, Lindsay. I think it's telling that UC Berkeley Professor, Dan Kammen's " need to own up to what your bottom line is..." comment in the 30 second snippet you shared--especially because I know Dan.

    My greatest hope is that the fall-out from this is that money is returned to the SGIP coffers, so other deserving renewable energy systems technology companies squeezed out by Bloom Energy over these past 3-4 years can have access to these funds, post haste.

  6. Kim no doubt that Bloom and its customers like AT&T and Washington Gas had unjust enrichment. Yes the SGIP needs to get the money back that Al Gore, John Doerr and Colin Powell helped get for the Bloomdoggle. Guys like my Congressman Mr. Huffman when he was an Assemblyman helped the BLOOMDOGGLE happen. The CPUC cared more about Bloom than the ratepayers. PG&E was happy to sell gobs of natural gas in rusted pipes to the coffins in order make some money on the gas. We will see tonight what NBC reports. I told them all that I know.