Monday, October 20, 2014

The Transcript of the NBC Report on the BLOOMDOGGLE by Bloom Energy

I think I came out smelling like a rose.

Video is in the link

The bloom is off the BLOOMDOGGLER

I have added the timeline of the Bloomdoggle and Greenwashing.  Law suits and prosecution should be next.

Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle Timeline

Feb 2010 Leslie Stahl of Sixty Minutes helps Al Gore and his team to launch the Bloomdoggle

March 2010 Leveen The Green Machine (GM) contacts Bloom and questions their claims in the 60 Minutes Piece

Bloom emails the GM and claims an efficiency based on lower heating value of natural gas of 57%

The GM responds to Bloom no bloody way but let’s them hide for a while.

November 2011 Bloom submits coastal zone act (CZA) permit application in Delaware, efficiency now only 50% based on lower heating value.

Jan 2012 Bloom revises the CZA permit application to again claim 57% efficient and admit to the solid sulfur waste that is hazardous.

2013 through 2014 Delmarva Power posts the real efficiency of the Coffins in DE and they are not close to 57% efficient.  Bloom is in violation of the CZA permit.

Feb 2014 the California SGIP report through 2012 shows Electric Only Fuel Cells (mainly Bloom as they took most of the money) are only 47% efficient.

Oct 2014 Bloom admits to NBC their initial model ES 5000 (The one the GM questioned back in 2010) is only between 45% and 50% efficient and confirms that four years ago they lied to the GM.  They also lied to get all the money from the SGIP in 2010, 2011 and 2012. 

This link shows the spec sheet of the ES 5000 and yes its heat rate is claiming 57% efficiency.
No doubt Bloom was Bloomdoggling and greenwashing back in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

They are still Bloomdoggling and greenwashing their new model ES 5700 in 2014 based on actual Delaware reported data by public service commission in DE that is not 57% efficient and emits more than 773 pounds CO2 per megawatthour.

What is next?  Other than Al Gore, John Doerr, and Collin Powell facing the music:

  • ·         The FTC has to bring federal charges of greenwashing against Bloom, its officers and its directors.  The GM contacted the FTC in October 2012 when the FTC Green Guides were issued.  Two years is long enough to investigate this clear-cut case of greenwashing .  Time for action from the FTC, Mr Obama has enough of a crisis dealing with Ebola and ISIS
·         Lawsuits to get taxpayers’ and ratepayers’ money back are and will be filed
·         Mr. Huffman my Congressman who was the Assemblyman in CA who helped the Bloomdoggle take place should simply resign.


  1. Great article. But because there the ill-informed greenies who will spend any amount of (somebody else's) money to see positive movement, I just wished that at the end they had a simple cost-benefit for the public: "So they claim to reduce consumption by roughly 20% vs the current grid. Their actual numbers look more like 10%. So to get this actual reduction of roughly 10% CO2 emissions vs the current grid - at only a few select customer locations - Bloom and their big name corporate customers have garnered almost a half-billion in Federal and State subsidies. When solar and wind, save us 80-90% carbon emissions, is this really where we want our tax dollars to go?"

  2. Ronald you are right! Al Gore John Doerr and Colin Powell helped bloom scam a lot of the money


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