Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summer is Almost Over

This is Labor Day weekend and soon there will be a chill in the air as the sun gets lower and the days get shorter.  Gasoline prices in the USA are lower this Labor Day than last year motorists get to drive a crazy amount this long weekend.  US CO2 emissions are increasing and Tesla sales in the US are down considerably from last year but their stock TSLA is at an all-time high.   So is the S&P 500 stock index at over 2,000.  Life on the surface looks wonderful with a booming stock market, lower gasoline prices, and good weather predicted for the weekend.

The PV power stations in the northern hemisphere will see declining output all the way through March of next year.  My friend’s station in the Bronx had a few better weeks of power generation with the sun high in the sky and now the solar modules will soon have the dirt and bird dropping covered with ice and snow and hardly generate electrons.  This is the unstoppable cycle.  John Kerry finally has admitted that ISIS is a cancerous crisis and his boss will halt playing golf to deal with the worldwide threat posed by these terrorists.   Of course playing golf is a summertime pastime hence the timing of the statement by Mr. Kerry on the Labor Day weekend.

Mr. Obama addressed the ISIS crisis as well as the Ukraine Pain at a press conference dressed in a lightweight tan suit.  He looked like he was going to a tea party in the Hamptons and was once again bewildered.  The Tan suit was a decoy to focus on, rather that his utter incompetence in foreign policy.

I think Mr. Obama should wear a Green suit as he wants to reduce CO2 emissions.  I found this interesting link where such a suit can be bought.

Quoting from the Product Details on the link:
“Wearing a greenman suit is an amazing experience that you won’t get anywhere else. First, it lets you stand out in a crowd. More importantly, wearing a greenman suit transforms you. When you put on the suit, and you feel like a superhero. Initially, it’s a little scary and awkward, but it forces you to break through your personal barriers and pretty soon, all of your inhibitions have vanished and you’re having a great time. Behind the mask, you are completely anonymous, and at the same time usually the center of attention. And not just because you are an eerily seductive ninja.”

Yes Mr. Obama your inhibitions of how to deal with Islamic Terrorists such as ISIS and Hamas need to vanish.  Of course if you wear the Greenman’s suit companies like A 123, Solyndra, Ener 1, Range Fuels, Cello and Condi’s Kior will thrive and make all the CO2 and bad news go away.   Wearing the Greenman’s suit on the Golf Course will also make you score like a pro and Fox News will not be able to see you to report on your goofing off during a crisis.

I plan on BBQing this weekend and taking a break from the bad news.  Yes I will be adding to carbon load in the atmosphere but the half gallon of propane I burn has a far lower carbon footprint than driving hundreds of miles and burning up tens of gallons of gasoline.  I think I will BBQ chicken as that seems to be what American foreign policy has become.


  1. Great posting. It summarizes many events of the present administration in Washington that is crippling the United States economy and security. I knew we were in trouble when President Obama announced a surge in increased troops in Afghanistan to end the fighting and then said all troops would be pulled out in 12 months.

    I tried to get the "green suit" for Halloween and they are presently out. I thought this would be proper attire to given trick-or-treaters a carrot and slice of celery October 31 because this is proper food for children recommended by Michelle Obama.

    James H. Rust, Professor

    I tried to get the green suit; b

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  3. Prof Rust I did BQ some chicken and also some lamb chops. Our chicken President has some lambs named Harry and Nancy who follow him like he is Little Barry Peep. What a shepherd !!! He has lost more than his sheep he has lost the ability for the US to have any influence. As for Dr. Moniz he is also in need of a refresher course in Thermo 101. Dr. Moniz bosted about the opening of the Ivanpah concentrated solar plant that Google and NRG own. Now that 27,000 birds have been roasted Dr. Moniz is silent on that gangrene project that cost PG&E (me and other rate payers) $190 per mwh of wholesale power for the next umpteen years. Companies like Google and NRG knew how dumb Mr. Obama and Dr. Chu were and we and the birds will be screwed for a long time to come. Let's close Gitmo and simply hang the terrorists from the Ivanpah Tower and let them do their morning prayer. That way we can say their execution was green and clean.

  4. I visited Ivanpah July 11 after attending The Heartland Institute's 9th International Conference on Climate Change. I talked to a biologist working there and he knew little about the plant and said nothing about "streamers". He said he didn't think another one of these plants would be built again because they are so expensive. I watched for an hour and saw nothing.

    James Rust