Friday, August 1, 2014

GEVO Gets The Heave Ho

Vinnod Khosla’s Gevo got the old heave ho this week when its stock tumbled to 48 cents a share today.  Three years ago when Vinnie was the darling of green gurus on the tree lined street of Wall Nuts, the stock traded at $25 a share.   Just like Kior in its dying moments it seems that Gevo is hyping their chances of success.  Kior now trades for 30 cents a share and is headed to a “safe shutdown”.

Yes Gevo can make isobutanol and ethanol from sugar or starch but the question is what is the real cost of doing this and why even do it?   Kior was completely misguided in making diesel from pine trees and Gevo is misguided by pretending to make iso butanol when they could simply run the Minnesota plant to make ethanol, distiller’s grain and corn oil and maybe make a profit.    But wait Richard Branson is an investor in Gevo and has to tout his virginity by flying a jet plane a few thousand miles on bio jet fuel.   That is why this whole folly continues.

Amyris, Vinod’s other bio fool bust managed to get some press that a GOL jet flew from Florida to Brazil with their bio fool.

This utter nonsense of jets greening up by flying on bio fuel is pure green window dressing.   Perhaps the best way for green intercontinental travel is to bring back the Hindenburg and let it be filled with renewable hydrogen made from PV power.  

It is time for us to admit that all efforts should be focused on solar power and wind power and the bio fools were a complete waste of time.   Talking of solar there again is a glut of PV module capacity now that US Utilities have slowed down in next generation projects and China will fall 40% short on the installation goals for 2014.  The price of a module is back to where it was 20 months ago.  The price of solar stocks will likely soon drop but don’t worry they will not flame out like Cello, Range, Amyris, Gevo, Kior, LS9 or Virdia.  The solar stocks at least have a real product and are not frauds.  

Talking of bio fools it has been very quiet from Zeachem the folks who were going to make trees into vinegar and then the vinegar into wine in Oregon with help from the USDA.   But wait there is even a bigger BS idea.  Yes to make plastics out of air.  Not kidding the Cretin Broadcasting Service (CBS) that launched the BLOOMDOGGLE on Sixty Minutes published this. 


  1. Aye that last URL! Dan Kammen, who tried to make the case back in 2006 for using corn-based ethanol/food to make energy, was solicited for comments in this announcement, too by CBS. As I recall, he and his team did not address the uncertainty about GHGs being 2x worse than gasoline, nor did his study quantify the other environmental effects in his study--let alone mention that ethanol had a price tag that was higher than fossil fuel. Short recall of history much on the media's part, or were they even paying attention in the first place? Fleh.

  2. Kim Dan Kammen is just an Al Gore of academia. He and I did not see to to eye on thermo as he just did not believe in the laws of thermo he was out to make fame and fortune by lying. He too should be brought before the high court of thermo and given hard labor so he can see that his bio fool nonsense at his lab in Bezerkeley has wasted billions of dollars