Monday, August 18, 2014

KIOR at 12 Cents a Share

Condi’s green company continues to get more gangrene.  The stock hit an all-time low of 12 cents a share.  Condi’s patron Vinod Khosla and his good friend Bill Gates just do not know how to treat a patient with gangrene.   Actual these two guys are totally clueless in all things that relate to thermo and energy.

They also have a geothermal company called AltaRock that caused earthquakes  

Bill Gates is more tied into Vinod than only the KIOR or AltaRock connection.   He invested in Khosla’s green fund as well

Bill’s algae-to-oil company Sapphire is Blue not Green and laid off fifty workers earlier this year and got a new CEO last month.

When Chu Chu ran the department of entropy they too were thinking Sapphires were green not blue.

Bill and Vinod know a lot about software and computers but the simply get an F in thermo.   Condi does not even know what day of the week it is and was last seen at Stanford playing the piano.   Haley Barbour in Mississippi is still trying to figure out what to do with the shiny steel facility in Columbus that KIOR is “safely” shutting down.   Haley the only part of the facility worth a cent is the chipper  that can mulch the rest of the worthless plant and send scrap to China.

It is time to refocus the department of energy on shale oil and gas and for the President to say he had terrible advice for Chu and Moniz and that Solyndra was just the tip of the green fiasco.   Gates and Khosla should simply go back to knitting binary numbers.  Condi should probably just play golf at Augusta where she can wear a green jacket. 

The Green Machine should get a medal of honor for pointing out all this nonsense years ago.  Congressman Huffman should finally meet with the Green Machine and listen to his constituent that has been begging for some representation.   But guess what the thermodynamic fake out will continue and Nancy Pelosi will still say the Qataris told her that Hamas is a welfare organization and that Al Jazeera lies less than Al Gore.   At least Al Gore has stopped saying that Al Jazeera is a news organization he is now saying they are a bunch of crooks and Ehab the CEO of Al Jazeera America pulled a fast right jab on him.

The Green Machine – “You can fuel some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fuel all of the people all of the time”