Saturday, August 23, 2014

Another Not So Green or Good Week

The world endured a pretty awful week, with sad news coming from all parts of the globe.   The TV was filled with protests, war, drought, volcanos, and jihadists who hate a free world and a free press.  The protests in Furgerson Missouri had me thinking that folks become angry when they know they are not represented by the people in authority.   I empathize with this feeling as my US Congressman and my California Assemblyman have certainly ignored truth and have chosen to ignore my protests of the greatest greenwashing known on planet earth by their rich friends and patrons Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell.   The Bloomdoggle in energy is a continuing saga of crimes against nature and humanity and yet the plundering continues.
I guess CNN, Al Jazeera, Fox News, and the BBC won’t get high rating by showing Bloom Energy stealing several hundred million dollars under false pretense of being green.  I guess these networks will not get a single added viewer by showing that KIOR blew through over $600 million on hogwash they would make copious amounts of diesel from pine trees.  But images of war, rioting, and a crazy cop calling the President an Alien are left right and center on the news.

The President is not an Alien to the US he was born in Hawaii and this is fact.  But, he is an alien to honest energy policy and he certainly is alien to a coherent and strong foreign policy.  His DOJ is alien to the rule of the laws of thermodynamics and is remiss for not prosecuting former politicians for greenwashing and plundering the US as well as individual states and citizens for billions.   

If the poor folks in Furgerson knew just how much influence VCs like John Doerr and Vinod Khosla have over the president and where the big money goes - they too would be mad.  If they knew how much a dinner with the president cost at Vinod Khosla’s house - they would be mad.  If they knew that the poor in Mississippi are owed almost $70 million by Mr. Khosla’s company KIOR - they would be mad.   If they knew the poor in Delaware are forking over more than $2.5 million per month for the next twenty years to Mr. Doerr’s company Bloom - they would be mad.

Of course Anderson Cooper wants to keep a racist bigoted cop honest, but Mr. Cooper it is time to keep John Doerr, Vinod Khosla and yes the President of the United States honest.  Yes the very same President who talked pure nonsense in Cairo five years ago in his appeasement of religious zealots.  Yes Anderson it will take many hours of news reporting to present the people with the truth that went on behind the scenes to help Cello, Range, KIOR, Gevo, Amyris, LS9, Lightsail, Calera and other thermodynamic crap take billions of dollars of poor peoples’ money and give it to billionaires.   Of course these operatives do not make idiotic speeches at meetings where they claim to be Rambo and larger than life for the audience of idiots.   Wait, around the same time Obama made his idiotic speech in Cairo, Vinod Khosla did make a few idiotic speeches on green energy and how he was the guru of green.  Take a look at this clip on Earth Day 2009 at Google no less.  Soon I will blog of the greenwashing at Google who do no evil but simply lie about matters green.  ISIS and Hamas also claim to do no evil.

Here is Obama’s equally idiotic speech in 2009 in Cairo

Both Vinod and Barak are talking heads.  Talk is cheap but reality of dealing with evil and energy is expensive.


  1. I read last week that the Brightsource solar project is killing up to 28000 birds a year - and that one of the owners is Google. Someone needs to shine a light on Google Lindsay!

  2. Colin I will blog on the gangrene nature of Google and the Ivanpah project is just the tip of the iceberg. That project that screws PG&E customers out of 19 cents a kwh for wholesale power that is really only worth 6 cents per kwh. Because Oh Bummer and his friends came up with the green nonsense they promoted Google makes a bunch selling power that kills thousands of birds a year. Yes 28,000 birds are googled in the Mojave. They are even part of the BLOOMDOGGLE