Thursday, August 14, 2014

BBC Says Israel Causes Global Warming

Dateline London August 14, 2014

The BBC has agreed with the UN GWBI panel that Israel is responsible for 95% of global warming and Qatar only caused a minor amount of the rise in sea levels that are being reported in Dover a town on the French Channel.

The UN GWBI is a special panel headed by former Prime Minister Tony Blair an adviser to Vinod Khosla in Silicon Valley.  GWBI is short for Global Warming - Blame Israel and had nothing to do with George W Bush Iraq.

To substantiate their position the UN GWBI panel said the Jewish State emitted 53 metric tons of CO2 per capita for the year 2009, while Qatar only emitted 44 metric tons of CO2 per capita for the very same year.

I did some checking and found that wiki does list carbon emissions per capita

I did see that Israel did emit 5.3 metric tons of CO2 per person and was wedged between Switzerland and Sweden in their crimes against nature.   No doubt some “honest and fair” reporter for the Biased Broadcasting Corporation reporting from a tunnel and looking through the slit in a burka managed to multiply Israeli crimes by a factor of ten to make it look worse than the owners of Al Jazeera.    The reporter also failed to tell listeners that the United Kingdom a country that perpetrated crimes against humanity in the Boer War, the Opium War and the fire-bombing of Dresden emitted 8.5 metric tons of CO2 per capita in 2009.

The Board of the BBC said they will investigate the bias in their reporting but in essence they simply were using data provided by UN GWBI and that Tony Blair was a “reliable source” on rising sea levels and the underlying causes for this threat to mankind.   Supporters of Israel pointed out that 12 million Jews on Planet Earth while accounting for a significant fraction of Nobel Prizes did not disproportionately cause global warming and that again the biased media and that BBC and the UN GWBI have no right to accuse Israel of being disproportionate.   Al Jazeera the Qatari owned humanitarian news organization that told Nancy Pelosi that Hamas are environmentalists who care for the earth had this idiotic piece by Toby Cadman about proportionalism.  Toby is a Brit who still believes the Boer War was justified while defending the UK in ongoing investigations at the Hague

Perhaps Al Jazeera should report on Qatari crimes against nature by having an opinion on per capita CO2 emissions. 

P.S.  I made up the part of the slipped decimal point, it was used to illustrate Bias and Anti Semitism.   Al Sharpton, Al Jazeera, and Desmond Tutu have yet to utter a word on the Rabbi who was murdered on his way to temple on the Sabbath carrying only a bag for his prayer shawl.    Maybe the murderers were members of PETA and the bag was made of the fur of Non-Jews.   PETA stands for Please Eradicate Tel Aviv and is headquartered in London.