Thursday, March 20, 2014

KIOR Loses A Million Dollars A Day

Condi Rice’s and Vinod Khosla’s company KIOR reported a loss of $347.5 million for the year 2013

This is kind of like losing a million dollars a day for a whole year.   Vinnie touted the alchemy of making diesel out of wood when he took Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes for a walk around the plant in Columbus Mississippi.  In 2010 Haley Barbour helped the very poor state secure $81 million in loans to Vinnie and his team of alchemists.

Vinnie was outraged that Leslie in her stalled vehicle running on KIOR gasoline outed on 60 Minutes the green energy scams of the past five years.  Vinnie I want to see you walking around with the test tube of miracle catalyst that you showed Leslie and still claim you can make gold out of lead.   Vinnie what we do know is that you and your friend Jagdeep Singh Bachher from Alberta screwed the people of Mississippi and Alberta out of their money. 

Vinnie I suggest you go hide on your property along the Pacific Coast that is fenced off to prevent surfers from reaching a public beach.   Better still take a long trip with your buddy Jagdeep and go find a guru in the Himalayas who knows thermodynamics.