Saturday, March 29, 2014

From Shark Fin To Minnow Strone Soup

Leland Yee the big time California politician was busted.  He is one of three high powered and high ranking Democrats in the California government to be in hot soup.

The American hustle is happening in California.   Not that it is new.  We know about my Congressman and his At&T hot wire connection where AT&T reached and touched someone.  But my Congressman is still gloating on his Facebook page that he helped get the state government in the once golden state to ban shark fin soup.  

This from Huffman “Fin-dication of the ban on shark finning I helped pass while in the State Assembly! This is great news for the world's shark population and the health of our oceans.”

OK Huffman was against shark fin soup while Leland Yee loved the soup.   Now Leland is reduced to eating minnow strone soup, I wonder if Huffman will look to ban minnows in soup as well and say to the Feds let Leland eat gruel. 

Huffman points out that he had fin-dication and thinks he is punny.   I just think he is just another fake politician who pretends to be green and thinks he is fin-tastic.   I think all he capable of doing in the kitchen is making egg drop soup and coming up with legislation that helps his friends at AT&T.

On the other side of the crooked aisle, Condi Rice’s gangrene company KIOR was busy polluting the municipal waste water system in Columbus Mississippi while they pretended to make diesel from pine trees for Haley Barbour.

Condi resigned from the board of KIOR in December 2013.  The SEC started to investigate KIOR in January 2014.  Who tipped Condi off is the question?   This week the President of KIOR resigned his post in the company.  The acting CFO and secretary of the company will now also be president.   This guy wears many hats and now has a top hat as well.

All this talk about soup has me thinking of Passover and matzah ball soup.

I have to say I prefer matzah ball soup to shark fin soup.  On the green side I like split pea soup with ham.  Leland may soon be getting gruel and Huffman may only make egg drop soup but KIOR still cannot make diesel soup out of pine trees even with Condi pretending this was a reality.    Next week we will know if Vinod will continue the folly in Columbus and put another $25 million into KIOR or simply tell the hundred folks who work at the plant sayonara and give them miso ree soup.  Happy Passover and Easter to all and remember you can fuel some of the people some of the time but you cannot fuel all of the people all of the time.