Saturday, March 22, 2014

Diesel To The Rescue

Sadly we have not found the wreckage or the intact plane that once was the Malaysian airliner.   There is a lot of searching being undertaken in the southern Indian Ocean, with Perth Australia becoming the center of operations for the search.

CNN reported that lithium ion batteries in the cargo hold may have caused the fire.   This is a possibility but Dr. P. don’t worry I won’t blame Tesla for this disaster.   It may be true that lithium ion batteries caused the disappearance of the Malaysian flight but it is certainly true that expensive, heavy, and weak batteries caused Elon Musk to kill his $50,000 model S that he fibbed he would build in the tens of thousands for Dr. Chu’s department of entropy.

Dr. Chu was spotted at Stanford helping Condi Rice understand that KIOR did not make biofuels a reality that replaced imported oil.  Dr. Moniz who has taken over the chaos at the Department of Entropy is still trying to find his feet in the job and once in a while posts on his Facebook page about his work at the department.  I kind of like Dr. Moniz as he looks like Alfred E Neuman. 

I like Alfred E quite a bit and one of his quotes was the following; “If opera is entertainment, then falling off a roof is transportation.” 

The soap opera at the DOE on clean tech is entertainment except to the taxpayers.   The fibs from the DOE about the miles per gallon equivalent of the electric cars is like falling off a roof where gravity gives the fuel economy a lift.    At some point the stock price of Tesla will fall off the roof but I cannot tell you when.

The positive news on the green front is that diesel vehicles continue to improve.  A study in the UK released on March 13 shows that cars sold in 2013 are 27% more economical than ten years ago and pollute 21% less. 

2014 may turn out to be the year of the diesel car in the USA. 

We do know that the Malaysian airliner was not transporting drums of diesel and that diesel did not cause the disappearance of the flight.   We also know that in 2024 diesel vehicles will far outsell electric vehicles. Sadly for Condi and the other thermodynamic fakers at Kior, I doubt any of this diesel will be coming from this company that claimed they could make as much as 90 gallons of diesel from a bone dry ton of wood.  Certainly some diesel will come from vegetable oil, natural gas, and coal but most will still come from crude oil.