Wednesday, March 19, 2014

KIOR Board Of Directors' Seats

Paul O’Conner the inventor of the Kior alchemy has taken the open  board seat at KIOR that Condi Rice vacated three months ago.

O Conner used to be on the board till he was booted by Vinnie Cost Us.   When O’Conner was booted he sold a slug of shares in KIOR for approximately ten million dollars.

His firm Bioecon has sold more shares in KIOR

O’Conner is probably on the board to protect his and Bioecon’s remaining interests as the company is headed toward privatization, bankruptcy, or both.  I hope that the seat that Condi sat in is being cleaned as Depends are known to leak sometimes.  Perhaps the seat is made of pine just like the raw material for the thermodynamic fake out O’Conner, Khosla , and Rice hatched?  Perhaps Tesla provided an electric chair?

The Province of Alberta is a large investor in the KIOR debacle.  Vinnie’s buddy Jagdeep Singh Bachher once sat on KIOR’s board.   Jagdeep was in deep and wasted a pile of money of the Province’s pension and wealth fund that is managed by Aimco.   I hope the Mounties get their man when Jagdeep is questioned as to what his role in this fake out was.

But wait Jagdeep has escaped the Canadian Prairies to manage the University of California’s money as the chief investment officer.

The Albertans are now scratching their heads as to what happened to Aimco’s money invested with Vinnie.   The folks who will depend on Jagdeep to invest their pension money for the UC system better have hawk eyes.   Hold on the folks at the University of Iowa are the Hawkeyes.   The UC Riverside Highlanders may just have to change their name to Lowlanders when their pensions are jug deep under water with Jagdeep as the chief investment officer.  


  1. Lol!!!. Hilarious. Yep. No more Pentothal.

    I hope they protect your First Amendment Rights vigorously.

  2. I do hope Tesla does some innovation in the electric chair arena. They can add 85 kWh of lithium ion batteries so guys like Jug Deep get the high voltage they deserve what a joke. I see the premier of Alberta resigned and so did several of her close associates. They are all jugger naughts