Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Weird Week

This week was rather bizarre.  A large jumbo jet on a flight from Malaysia to China disappeared .   This is a terrible disaster and a very sad event.  Hopefully the wreckage or missing plane will be found and the cause will be determined.

KIOR, Condi Rice’s company that practices alchemy to make diesel from pine wood chips also had a mysterious event this week.  A day before they were scheduled to announce year end results and hold an investor call they cancelled the event.   I think the auditors may be refusing to sign the year end statement and want to give warning about KIOR being able to continue operating.   Maybe Vinod Khosla who has invested deeply or the Province of Alberta who have also invested large amounts in this junk company intend to take it private via a bankruptcy filing?   We should find out this week what these Alchemists have up their sleeve.

I do know the plant that violates the laws of thermodynamics is located in Columbus Mississippi.   The world is not looking for the missing Malaysian Jumbo Jet in Columbus but if they did use thermal imaging on the plant in Columbus it would show a stone cold temperature for this “hot” technology that Condi and Vinod hyped.

The green gringos who still think biofuels have promise are now touting the biofuels for aviation.   If this ever transpires we probably will have many more planes simply falling out of the sky.

New Jersey gave Tesla a black eye by banning direct sales of Tesla’s cars in the state.  New Jersey expects Tesla to use dealerships to market and sell cars.   New York will likely follow and Elon is fuming that he is not getting his own way in the Garden State.  It seems that New Jersey where Mr. J lives has quite a few Tesla owners.   Mr J. reported to me that since the weather in New Jersey warmed a little his Tesla Model S is getting better electric fuel economy.   Mr. J. is still nowhere near Dr. P’s fuel economy there in Orange County California.  Dr. P reports he has over 26,000 miles on the Model S and it is going strong.  Dr. P has slowed down a little in the HOV lane after getting a speeding ticket in Riverside and his watts per mile have decreased a little.

The EIA that is part of the department of energy reported on Wednesday that natural gas in storage has hit a ten year low after another massive drawdown due to cold weather afflicting the country a week ago.   Interestingly natural gas production is still higher than last year but the much colder weather increased residential and commercial heating demands significantly.  Some are worried that the build-up of gas in storage in the coming months may not be sufficient.   I think the build-up over the next six months will be within the normal range.

Yes it was a crazy week and the great lakes are 90% ice covered from the extremely cold winter in North America.   Maybe the summer will be extremely hot or it may be normal but I am sure that Mr. J. will take whatever the summer brings as he is tired of shoveling snow and watching his watts per mile far exceed those of Dr. P.