Friday, September 4, 2015

Hillary and Upholding The Law

Hillary who makes my Congressman (Jared Huffman) look like a non-hypocrite tweeted the following about the lady in KY refusing to sign marriage certificates for gay couples.

Marriage equality is the law of the land. Officials should be held to their duty to uphold the law—end of story.

So true a word has never been spoken by a pathological liar.

I just had to tweet that on to Collin O’Mara the operative who as Secretary of the Delaware DNREC (department of natural resources and environmental control) hid scores of tons of solid waste with sulfur in the protected coastal zone so that Al Gore and Al’s cronies could pocket tens of millions of dollars in fraudulent subsidies from ratepayers.

After retweeting Hillary I then tweeted

@Collin_OMara The CZA was the law Officials should be held to their duty to uphold the CZA law - end of the story and career at DNREC

Note the CZA is the Coastal Zone Act that is landmark environmental legislation going back over forty years.

Hillary selectively uphold laws she finds convenient and Collin O’Mara is just stupid to quote the Donald.  O’Mara resigned his post as Secretary of DNREC and Hillary will drop out of the race for her party’s nomination for president. 

O'Mara your youth will fade, but your dumb stupid career ending trick of hiding the solid waste with sulfur that needs treatment at an EPA licensed facility will endure forever.  Hillary will go on to starting an IT company for unsecure email service.  It will be called America Offline.  Huffman will eventually drop the CLECA defense and go on to becoming the US ambassador to Greenland.  The Green Machine will host a TV show called "The Peoples' Thermo Court" 

End of the story


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