Saturday, July 12, 2014

KIOR May Sell Itself

The news for the week in matters green is that KIOR the Alchemic company Vinod Khosla and Condi Rice hyped could not pay its loan to the State of Mississippi and is now looking for “strategic alternatives”.  I have a suggestion for Mr. Khosla and the Province of Alberta "the owners" that brought this thermodynamic fake to the stock market.  The suggestion is to admit they disobeyed the laws of thermodynamics and are willing to fork over the remaining balance on the loan. 

Two years back when the stock analysts on Wall Street were touting the junk, I called it a thermodynamic fraud.    For over a year I have been asking Mr. Robert Davidson the manager of the CBS TV station (WCBI) in Columbus Mississippi to report the reality of KIOR instead of keeping on selling hope to the poor folks who work at KIOR or invested in KIOR.  Of course CBS who brought us the launch of the BLOOMDOGGLE on 60 Minutes did not report the real story on KIOR.  The New York Times also hyped the stock and I reported on this in November 2012 in the link below.

KIOR makes Solyndra look like a totally honest deal.  Mr. Khosla brought us Cello, Range, LS9, Gevo, Amyris, KIOR as well as Light Sail.  This guy is clueless about enthalpy and entropy.  He just knows how to entertain President Obama for dinner.  He is exactly what is wrong with US Energy policy.  When the Department of Entropy starts using science and thermodynamics as the basis for policy we may actually get a policy that works.  When bundlers and supporters of politicians get the money we get disasters like Solyndra, Cello, Range, and KIOR.  When former secretaries of state become board members of companies like Bloom Energy and KIOR we get missing weapons of mass combustion and a lot of missing tax payer dollars.

In Delaware the Department of Natural Recourses and Environmental Control (DNREC) announced they will rewrite the operating permit for Bloom Energy now that Mr. William Whipple III has sued Delmarva.

When it comes to basic thermodynamics we cannot trust government agencies to do their job.  We also cannot trust Wall Street stock analysts.  Mostly we cannot trust the New York Times or CBS to get a story straight on green energy as they are simply fooled by hucksters and “green gurus” like Vinod Khosla.  Kholsla has Tony Blair and Condi Rice as advisers.  I just have the second law of thermodynamics and a brain that won’t stop repeating the Brothers Gibbs song that that Delta G equals Delta H minus T Delta S. 


  1. Great reporting as usual. I am following KiOR because Range Fuels took Georgia to the cleaners.

    James H. Rust, Professor of nuclear engineering

  2. Great reporting as usual. I have been following your comments about Vinod Khosla because his range fuels took Georgia to the cleaners.

    James H. Rust, Professor of nuclear engineering

  3. Sorry about repeat comments. Range Fuels in Georgia had over $200 million in subsidies--at least $6 million from Georgia Government and an unknown amount from the city it was located in--sold all its equipment sold in a bankruptcy sale for about $4 million. The company that bought the equipment was from New Zealand and a Khosla company. The facility was probably worth more than that as scrape or maybe moved to Columbia, MS.

    Maybe the same type of bankruptcy sale will take place with KiOR. Where will the next company be located. Texas?

    James H. Rust, Professor

    Possibly the

    James H. Rust

  4. Prof Rust KIOR is one of 8 failures Vinod Khosla brought us. Cello, Range, Kior, LS9, Gevo, LS9, Light Sail and Calera. Khosla may have had Condi Rice and Tony Blair but the rest of mankind had the second law of thermo. As the excrement impinges on the air extraction device the Complex has learned that thermo rules. Khosla has learned that even having the President over for dinner is not going to change what brother Gibbs told us over 100 years ago. Dr. Chu had agreed in a term sheet to give KIOR one billion dollars. Thankfully Solyndra imploded and Dr. Chu did not transfer the money. Khola, Blair, Rice and Chu with Obama as the cherry on top. This is a far bigger scandal than Solyndra.