Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Independence Day

It has been another year of independence and during the year a lot of things happened.  I could dwell on how poorly the president and congress are doing but even CNN viewers that were polled consider Mr. Obama to be the worst president since WW II. 

From a Thermo perspective, the year showed the laws of thermo to be inviolable just as they have been since the Big Bang.

Greenwashers and hypers were hit hard during the year.  The VCs at Kleiner Perkins and Khosla Ventures were given a big whack by the second law.  Vinod Khosla is now a seven time loser.  His losers include Cello, Range, Kior, Amyris, Gevo, LS9, and Light Sail.  Glad to see that the person, who was also sued for not letting surfers get to a public beach, lost his behind over the year.  Vinod your knowledge of thermo is about as low as one can get. 

Kleiner Perkins saw their behind in the Fisker’s bankruptcy.  They also have seen the Bloom wilt as another lawsuit in Delaware has been filed for overcharge to customer by their agent Delmarva Power.    Yes the BLOOMDOGGLE will be a big news item in the coming year.  No doubt form a laws of thermodynamics perspective the BLOOMDOGGLE is a far bigger case of crony corruption than Solyndra.    The dollars involved are far bigger and the politicians involved are all over the country.

By July 4, 2015 before our nation’s 239th birthday, I predict that I will report that KIOR is a goner and that the BLOOMDOGGLER’s will be fully exposed like nudists.  Condi Rice will have to apologize for her crimes against thermodynamics, humanity, and nature while on the board of KIOR and Colin Powell will likewise have to apologize for his role on the Board of Bloom Energy.  This is not a GOP scandal, the democrats from Dover to DC will also be exposed for their roles in the BLOOMDOGGLE.  Thermo has a way of applying fully to both sides of the aisle.  Thermo is universal and will always be universal.  Bloom is just a transitory ugly weed that needs a good dose of Round Up.

Mr. Obama fared badly in the CNN poll of the worst president since 1945.  Mr. Huffman is the worst congressman in my 39 years in the USA.  Boxer was bad, Woolsey was worse, but Huffman is by far the worst.  It is quite amazing how bad my representation has been in Marin County since I moved here 26 years ago.  Boxer would not fight MTBE in Gasoline even after I met with her and told her it was a poison that would cause havoc.  Woolsey did not use my sage advice to prevent Dr. Chu from wasting billions of dollars even after I met with her.  Huffman is simply too chicken to meet with me face to face so he uses his AT&T telephone to talk with me for 13 minutes and 56 seconds claiming his Twinkie, oops CLECA, defense for his years of gangrene crony legislation in Sacramento.

You have to say the Green Machine tells it like thermo says it is.  Happy Fourth of July.