Thursday, July 3, 2014

Condi's KIOR Gets Four Months To Find Weapons of Mass Combustion

The gangrene thermo undynamic rip-off company KIOR got a 4 month reprieve to pay the state of Mississippi the money owed to the state. 

Condi Rice was a board member of the company until December last year.  Of course Vinod Khosla, Condi’s client, did not want to throw more money down the drain just to pay Mississippi what it is owed.   I wonder how many calls Condi made to Haley Barbour and vice versa to arrange the “face saving” reprieve?   You are going tell me Vinod was the sole negotiator here, or did he use the services of his trusted “advisers” Condi Rice and Tony Blair?

Yeah Toxic Tony is also a Khosla Ventures advisor.

The real amount that should have been paid on June 30 to the citizens of Old Miss was $1.9 million, but the good folks in Jackson settled for a quarter million payment to give the gangrene company four months of breathing room.    The next “government” in line that is owed money is the pension fund of Alberta (Aimco).  For over a year I warned Aimco of their toxic investments in Kior and Bloom Energy without any reply.  Aimco had a guy named Jagdeep Singh Bachher as their investment guru who sat on the boards of Kior and Bloom representing their large investments in these companies.  After resigning from Aimco, Mr.  Bachher now heads the University of California retirement fund.  I have asked my Assemblyman (Mr. Levine) and the UC Board of Reagents to investigate his hiring for the post of chief investment officer.  I do not believe he is fit for the job given his history on the board of directors of these two gangrene companies, and his cronyism with Kleiner Perkins and Khosla Ventures

It will be interesting to see who is going to be the white knight to help KIOR.  The horsemen of the green apocalypse are falling off their mighty steeds that were bought with tax payer dollars.    I can tell you that the second law of thermodynamics will always hold and buying four months of time in the Magnolia State is not going to change a thing that the magic catalyst cannot yield 2.8 barrels of usable products per bone dry ton of pine wood as KIOR claimed.

Condi I suggest you simply give up looking for weapons of mass combustion.  I love the way KIOR did this the day before a long weekend and no one is there for comments.

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