Saturday, July 19, 2014

Is Hydrogen Sulfide Good For You?

Researchers at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom claimed this week that hydrogen sulfide in your farts are good for your cells.

Yes H2S is kind of like H2O with the O removed and the S substituted.  Remembering my freshman chemistry we were told that H2O should really be a gas due to its low molecular weight of only 18, but the phenomenon of hydrogen bonds causes the compound to be liquid all the way up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.  H2S does not have the same degree of hydrogen bonding and hence is a gas at room temperature.

Why do I have an interest in the gas that gives rotten eggs and farts their smell?  I guess it is because I found out that Bloom Energy has hidden their sulfur waste and that they asked the state of California money for training their employees in the safe handling of H2S.   Bloom will now probably tell those migrant Mexican employees who are paid subminimum wages that their jobs of handling the hidden sulfur waste are actually promoting good health. 

All this talk of smelly farts has me thinking of the excrement impinging on the air extraction device at KIOR.  Yes the company announced a complex financial transaction this week that I believe is the prelude to eventual bankruptcy or fire sale of the company.   They have finally surrendered to the second law of thermodynamics and have stopped sprouting crap that their wonder catalyst yields copious amounts of gasoline and diesel from yellow pine.  The newspaper in Jackson Mississippi wrote a good article on the role of Haley Barbour and Condi Rice in this thermodynamic fake out.  The link below is well worth the read.

Returning to Bloom I have now discovered that in August 2011 six months before Mr. Collin O’Mara the cabinet secretary in Deal Away issued his coastal zone act “Completeness Report”, Bloom gave sworn testimony that they needed to perform periodic maintenance on “Desulfurization Bed Canisters”.  We know that Mr. O’Mara performed magic and made the hazardous solid waste with sulfur disappear in the coastal zone.   O’Mara has now resigned his post as the head of the Deal Away department of natural resources and environmental control. 

Bloom has Collin Powell and KIOR had Condi Rice but which green company hired Madeline Not So Bright?   Actually Madeline did not become entangled in greenwashing, she instead offers advice on “investments in emerging markets.”

To be a “diplomat” one used to have learned French and all I can remember from my French is that when “la merde frapper de le ventilateur” things are going mighty wrong.   Condi Rice and Collin Powell are going to wish they were never FANS of emerging green technologies.


  1. Again a great column that needs to be read by all. The country is being taken to the cleaners by this renewable energy fraud.

    James H. Rust, Professor of nuclear engineering

  2. Illustrator Ralph Steadman has some competition.

    Alas, those who don’t understand thermodynamics don’t understand a physical system dealing with kilojoules or kilograms makes things way more difficult than say, working in the infinite space of the internet. And what’s unfortunate is a great deal of the venture capitalists assumed energy was like the computer science industry. The laws of physics don’t allow the speedy progress we see and have seen in information technology.

  3. There's no BOOM in BLOOM! !!!

  4. Yeah there is doom and gloom as well as a billion dollar bloomdoggle

  5. I wonder if Mississippi will experience the same result of Vinod Khosla ventures when KiOR's assets are sold on pennies for the dollar as what happened to Range Fuels in Soperton, GA. It may be the same New Zealand company controlled by Vinod Khosla that buys these assets. They will probably make money selling their assets to recycle companies. I am getting 60 cents a pound for aluminum, $2 a pound for copper, and 10 cents a pound for steel in Atlanta, GA

    James H. Rust, Atlanta


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