Sunday, July 6, 2014

Colin O’Mara - The Magical Environmentalist

For almost two years I have been hammering at the BLOOMDOGGLE in Delaware.  The corrupt politicians and supposed public servants simply are the worst magicians ever.  Colin O’Mara who was the Secretary of the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) and a member of Governor Markell’s cabinet made the solid waste that is hazardous and contains sulfur disappear in his now famous February 10, 2012 Completeness Report. 

On February 8, 2012 Mr. Paul Foster P.E. of DNREC issued the operating permit to Mr. William Brokenborough of Bloom for the 3 megawatt section of the project at Brookside.  This is a full two days before Mr. O’Mara made the sulfur disappear. 

In Mr. Foster’s permit approval letter we have Section 3 Operational Limitations and paragraph 3.1.6 “The desulfurization beds (filters) shall be operated and maintained according to manufacturer’s recommendations and good engineering practices to ensure that the rate of removal of sulfur from the fuel cells does not result in emissions (air) in excess of the rate contained in Condition 2.1.4 of this permit.”
Condition 2.1.4 of the permit states that “SO2 emissions shall not exceed 0.0001 pounds per hour and 0.00044 tons per twelve (12) month rolling period;”

Now we know that on or before February 8, 2012 Mr. Foster knew the sulfur was removed from the gas and resulted in a solid waste.  Two days later Mr. O’Mara the man in charge of the DNREC and Mr. Foster’s boss made the sulfur disappear.  The DOJ in Delaware under Mr. Beau Biden has refused to investigate the disappearance.  The US attorney in Delaware has not lifted a finger to find the missing sulfur.

I am sure that the manufacturer’s recommendations and good engineering practice instruct the operator to “handle the sulfur waste with great care and dispose of properly”.   The now famous “wonder-boy from Oxford University” Mr. O’Mara has taken the post of President of the US Wildlife Federation.    Dr. Doolittle who understands animal talk was interviewed by Fox News said all the foxes in the wilderness had told them they are now worried their dens will become burial grounds for the solid waste that contains the missing sulfur.  We have red foxes but soon will have yellow foxes.  Actually there are Yellow Fox Gerbils.

Gerbils are desert rats and it is fitting that Colin O’Mara is King Rat.

After waging war on the citizens in the coastal zone of Delaware with his BLOOMDOGGLE Mr. O'Mara landed a high paying job in a DC area based national organization.   He is not fit for the job of a dog catcher but someone out there thinks he did a great job in Deal Away.  I wonder which big dog in DC is his protector?   The next Secretary of the DNREC will have to see where are the skeletons are buried and better have some strong front paws to dig deep.  The poor dog will get a real whiff of the hidden sulfur and may just pass out.  One cannot make up this stuff!!!

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