Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kior CFO Says Adios

John Karnes the CFO of Kior has resigned.  Kior is Vinod Khosla’s alchemic wonder company that was to make diesel out of pine trees in Old Miss using state money.  Condi Rice is on their board.

Mr. Karnes gave notice of his resignation on December 1 and was gone by December 3.   I guess he saw the Pine Wilt coming.  Pine Wilt kills pine trees real fast.

On March 20 2013 I blogged that Mr. Karnes stated in an earnings call that Kior had shipped essentially nothing.  This contradicted the claims of Condi Rice who stated
"KiOR is changing the American energy equation by innovating and commercializing an entirely new generation of hydrocarbon-based diesel and gasoline fuel. By making the promise of cellulosic fuels a reality, KiOR demonstrates that these fuels are an attractive option for lessening America's dependence on foreign sources of energy." 

How soon will it be till the next Kior 8K that tells us that Pine Wilt got Ms. Rice and she was seen desperately searching for weapons of mass combustion in the clear cut forests of Old Miss ?