Saturday, December 28, 2013

Carbon Emissions To Increase 1.9% in 2013 In The USA

Ernie Moniz has been on the job as Secretary for almost a year.  He took over from Dr. Chu Chu who really messed up energy policy so we give Dr. Moniz a break for the disaster at the Department of Entropy in his first year.   

During 2013 the emissions of CO2 in the USA will increase  1.9% versus 2012 and are expected to increase 0.4% in 2014 versus 2013.   This is data from the Energy Information Agency that is part of the DOE. 

The reason for the increase in CO2 emissions in these years is that coal will gain back some share of electric power generation compared with natural gas.   In 2012 natural gas was extremely inexpensive thanks to the shale production that suddenly hit an oversupplied market.   Shale natural gas did wonders to lower CO2 emissions and electricity prices.   CO2 emissions in 2012 were 3.9% lower than in 2011 thanks almost entirely due to shale natural gas.

Mr. Obama and Dr. Chu had absolutely nothing to do with shale natural gas production but this “unwanted” source of energy has saved our butts.    Mr. Obama and Dr. Moniz want nothing to do with coal power generation but market pressures (pricing) are allowing coal to recover some market share in power generation.  

Mr. Obama and Dr. Moniz continue the gangrene policy of helping Via Motors introduce their fake 100 MPG truck.   I have blogged about how wasteful the $40,000 per truck gift from the DOE to fleet owners of the fake green truck is.

I have asked Senator Diane Feinstein to start investigations into Via and the DOE money.   She is the Chairperson of the US Senate Subcommittee on Energy and Water and that subcommittee has a hand in funding the DOE.  You see Via is the reincarnation of Raser and there is quite a bit of dirty laundry in the US Senate and DOE in the Raser file.

Part of  the reason I wrote my outside witness testimony back in February 2010 to the Senate subcommittee on energy and water was that the chairman of Raser gave false testimony to the same subcommittee on his 100 MPG Raser Hummer that Senator Hatch drove around the US Capitol.

Senator Feinstein was appointed to head the subcommittee a year after all of this happened and bears zero responsibility for the plans Hatch hatched.  But she now can find out why Via the reincarnation of Raser is getting $40,000 a vehicle from the DOE as a subsidy and why we are paying  a carbon tax of $2,857 per short ton to subsidize a technology that has already been fully disgraced.

The gangrene green fakes simply rename their technology with a catchy name and the folks at the Department of Energy give away money like there is no tomorrow.  The coal companies should just call their product petrified biomass and the DOE will say it is a wonderful fuel for power generation.  

Mr. Huffman played no role in Raser that was left to the Governator of California who loved the Raser Hummer and drove it around Sacramento.  Thank God we are rid of Arnie who had a thermodynamic IQ three below plankton.
Here is a blog I wrote over four years ago about Arnie and the legal system.

Happy New Year as history repeats itself!!!  I am petrified about using petrified biomass to produce gangrene energy.  


  1. Good Luck in your efforts in 2014.

    U will need buckos of it. U will probably have better success morphing coal to gold. Not trying to jinx u, but as a student of Human Behaviour, I admire your tenacity and drive.

  2. David Thanks I need lots of luck in 2014 to catch these thermodynamic crooks. Coal to gold sounds like something Moniz would give Monies toward. Here is the alchemy the department of entropy will fund. Gasify coal and make synthesis gas. Shift the synthesis gas to more hydrogen so that it has 2 hydrogen for each carbon monoxide. React the synthesis gas in FT reactor and make diesel. We know diesel comes from black gold (oil) so we can claim coal to gold and Moniz will throw money at this. Actually this is pretty much what Sasol does in South Africa but they simply charge a lot for the gasoline and diesel and they are world leaders in making diesel and gasoline with twice the carbon footprint of oil derived fuels. Moniz will throw extra monies at his coal to gold scheme by giving added bucks to recover the CO2 and sent it by pipeline to perform enhanced oil recovery. The South Africans and soon the Chinese don't give a hoot about the CO2 and let it waft into the air








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