Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Al Gore Blows Methane Out Of 1,350 Holes

We all know the nonsense old Al talks, now his company Luca Technology is bust and has over 1,350 methane wells that were drilled in Wyoming that are open and untapped.  Yes Al you blow methane out of 1,350 holes and you invented global warming.

Al and his partner John Doerr of Bloom and Fisker fame were early and big investors in Luca Technology the company with bio alchemy to turn coal seams into methane.   Luca is now bankrupt.   All we have left are 1,350 holes in the ground and Gore and Doerr have disappeared.

Here is a 2007 Fortune article that covered the green gurus of Gore and Doerr before they screwed up so big time in green space investing.   Gore was hot then and had just published his convenient untruths.   He even had a Nobel Prize.

Now Doerr and the others at Kleiner Perkins wish they had never met Gore.

I only gave Al my vote in 2000 so I never lost much in listening to his lies.  Boy do I wish I was as wise in 2000 as I am in 2013 I would have written in for Alfred E Newman instead of voting for Alfred E Gore.   Mr. Newman knew much more about thermo than Mr. Gore.   Maybe What Me Worry can plug the 1,350 holes in Wyoming and stop What Me Invent from venting and inventing methane.


  1. Inventive rhyming. Pervasive criming.

  2. David

    Old Al can recite a limerick using his other voice box. When I was six I learned the following:

    There one was Al from Gahootah
    Who loved to ride a scooter
    His favorite trick
    was to sit on his *$#@&
    and use his bum as a hooter

    Al can rhyme and he can crime but soon he will shut up like a mime and hopefully for all time

  3. Speaking of methane spewing, after initially reviewing the Delaware permits a while back, did you ever dig into Bloom's latest Delaware permit, Lindsay?

    They aren't required to report methane emissions as part of their permit (from what I can tell, methane isn't included in VOC's per Delaware law which I think is typical):

    But they do need to prove that they don't trigger PSD for CO2e emissions now. I believe this is new since their first permit in Delaware (not sure?). The thing that's interesting is, looking at Table III from their permit application, they took their VOC emissions (which by definition do not include methane) and said all of it was methane for the CO2e calculation (guidance for the calculation from the EPA below)

    My question is: what about their real methane emissions? Can they really be zero? This CO2 e calculation seems intellectually dishonest unless their methane emissions are really zero, which doesn't seem possible.

    Do you know anything about methane emissions from fuel cells? I would be interested to know your opinion on this--Thanks for keeping everyone honest, Lindsay

  4. Mr 2nd Law

    You are spot on Methane and ethane are excluded, but the only organic compounds come from the natural gas which has methane and ethane (note no mention of propane in the regs). Nat gas has methane and ethane and Bloom is crying that the nat gas has even more ethane than anticipated die to shale gas. This means the remaining organics are methane and some ethane but mostly methane and their VOC's are actually methane and ethane. The fuel cell does not complete the reaction of CH4 to CO2 and H2O and some CH4 will always remain. This is their VOC emissions plus the little ethane that is not converted. Actualy since the pipeline gas is richer in ethane than Bloom anticipated the VOCs may have quite a bit of ethane as well. Bloom data is pretty fake so why would they not fake this as well.




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