Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Green Leaf In Seattle

I can finally point to a really green Leaf in Seattle

It has been reported that Steve Marsh of Seattle Washington surpassed 100,000 miles on his 2011 Nissan Leaf plug in car.

The grid in Washington State is pretty green given the hydroelectric generation on the large dams built during the FDR era.    With only 146 pounds CO2 per mwh Washington is 6 times as green as a Bloom Coffin (884 pounds CO2 per mwh) in generating electric power.

Mr. Marsh’s Leaf was built in Japan pre Fukashima disaster and the 24 kwh of batteries required 11,352 kwh of primary energy to be fabricated into the car’s battery pack.   In 2011 Japan emitted approximately 900 pounds of CO2 per mwh (now post Fukashima the rate is 1,600 pounds of CO2 per mwh).   Mr. Marsh’s battery pack emitted 10,217 pounds of CO2 in its manufacture.   Mr. Marsh used approximately 36,000 kwh of power from the grid to travel his 100,000 miles and emitted 5,256 pounds of CO2 for the power to propel his car.  In total Mr. Marsh emitted 15,473 pounds of CO2 and has fully amortized the energy (hence CO2) needed to fabricate his battery pack.   Had Mr. Marsh bought a Corolla that achieves 35 MPG he would have emitted 71,428 pounds of CO2 for the gasoline on a full well to wheels basis.

Bravo Mr. Marsh you are truly GREEN!!!!  You saved approximately 28 tons of CO2 driving all those miles.

Seattle is perhaps the most ideal city for owning a Leaf.   A green grid and weather that promotes longer life for the batteries.   Phoenix AZ has a harsh climate and the Leaf’s batteries have only one third of the lifespan in Phoenix compared to Seattle.   Juneau Alaska has the ideal climate for EV batteries. Dubai has the worst climate for EV batteries.

You all now do see that in certain locations with the driver putting on lots of mileage on the vehicle, the Leaf is an excellent choice as a green alternate for transportation.

The link below provide a lot of detail on battery life in various locales.

You can say goodbye to your batteries really fast in Dubai.  Juneau (did you know) that Juneau is the best place on earth for those batteries.

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  1. Thank you for this affirmation, Lindsay. Back in September 2010, I took Nissan to task on their LEAF.


    I challenged them on their 'Zero Emissions' marketing prose. I was VERY concerned that they were over-stating the LEAF was truly a 'zero emissions' vehicle, and most consumers would not know how to question the bigger system picture about where the electrons to recharge this vehicle originated. Indeed, to achieve zero emissions this certain depends on one's geographical predisposition and access to cleaner, greener electrons i.e. a better likelihood in a location like Seattle, WA zero emissions could be achieved versus a state that was predominantly reliant on coal as an input to power plants.

    I took issued them language fromEU Directive 1999/94/EC in Chapter 05 in the Promotional Literature section. that requires truth in reporting in high level marketing prose. And after a few months, they actually met me halfway and started touting the LEAF as a 'zero tailpipe emissions' vehicle.

    So, REALLY nice to see this read and Steve Marsh's results! NIce to see the Nissan LEAF Green Going Right in Seattle, WA!