Saturday, November 14, 2009

The eagle has landed on Falcon's parents

A few weeks back I blogged about the falcon that could not fly. This was the story about the kid who never flew in the stray helium balloon. I prognosticated that the whole event was a big hoax to drum up publicity for the family. This week the parents pleaded guilty to criminal charges brought against them. The father pleaded guilty to a felony charge, the mother to a misdemeanor. If the parents do get a few days in jail will Falcon help them fly the coop? Young Falcon actually could not tell a lie and puked on national TV during the morning show the day after the phantom flight of the falcon.

Falcon’s folks are not the only folks who I have called out for perpetrating a hoax. Raser Technologies with their 100 mpg Hummer that they sold our idiot governator on are far bigger haoxsters than Falc’s folks. Raser even had the audacity to take their pile of junk to the steps of the US Capitol and have Senators and Congressmen drive the heap of steel around the capital. Should the CEO and the VP of Marketing for Raser also cop a plea bargain. I would hope that the long arm of the law would extend to those who defy the laws of thermodynamics just like those who pretended their six year old was missing in a fly away balloon. While the gullible population of the US may have been glued to their TVs watching CNN and the US Air Force follow a flimsy collapsing helium balloon for two hours, Raser and their friends have had an idiot governator make multiple speeches that the problem with vehicles is that the vehicles are not too large but the engines inside them are not efficient. Here is Raser’s link of the idiot driving the monstrosity . The Detroit News is quoted as saying that Arnie loved the 100 mpg Hummer so much he said "There is nothing wrong with the Hummer; it’s great vehicle," he said, according to The Detroit News. "We should change the technology within those vehicles."

We do have a warped legal system. The Falcon’s parents pleaded guilty after the DA in their town threatened to deport the Japanese born mother. The rationale was the parents were not being good parents. Yeah she will make a great mother 8,000 miles away. How about deporting Arne back to Austria as he has not been a good governor and he was made to look like an idiot by Raser. I have no knowledge of whether Arnie has any dealings with Raser but some have reported he will be the first person to get one of the “100” mpg Hummers. I say it is time to focus on prosecuting the turkeys rather than the young falcon as we move forward with exposing those that have repeatedly violated the “Second Law’. I love the legal system that jails those who create a 2 hour hoax that keeps fools spellbound and let’s those that repeatedly fake us out about a mythological 100 mpg Hummer stay free to drive on their hydrogen highway to nowhere while masquerading as the Jolly Green Giant.


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