Friday, October 11, 2013

The Delaware Screwdriver Award

DELMARVA has now asked the Delaware public service commission for $18, 726,248 for the calendar year 2013 as the subsidy for the Bloom Boxes installed as part of the sweetheart deal Governor Markell gave his old friend Al Gore to rip off the poor and working stiffs in Delaware.  The DELMARVA data show 122,620 megawatt hours of generation from the Bloom Coffins and with a lifetime average of 884 pounds CO2 per mwh versus 1,100 pounds for the Delaware grid the avoided CO2 emissions are 13,243 tons for the whole year.  The carbon tax Gov Markell imposed on his citizens is therefore $1,414 per ton ($18,726,248 divide 13,243 tons).

This places Markell somewhere between Sec Vilsack (USDA) and Sec Moniz (US DOE) as a carbon taxer.  I gave Dr. Moniz the long screwdriver award for his carbon tax on for the Via Trucks and Mr. Vilsack the stubby screwdriver award for his carbon tax for the Pacific Ethanol sugar daddy deal, therefore Gov Markell will get the medium screwdriver award for his Bloom boondoggle in the First State.

The $600 hammer was big news years ago but a $1,414 cost for a medium length screwdriver hardly makes the news today when all the greenness is expected and green is good.  NBC will not cover the $1,414 screwdriver as the screwed up deal in Delaware did wonders in reducing the CO2 emissions compared with grid by 13,243 tons.  So what if more than a million tons could have been reduced if a combined cycle power station that provides affordable energy was built.  Al Gore does not promote combined cycle power, he owns part of Bloom and NBC, ABC and especially CBS love Al and his Bloom Box. 

At least my readers know that Mr. Markell made his citizens pay $18,726,248 to buy 13,243 medium length screwdrivers and Al Gore made some money on the deal.  Big Al as VP of the US gave out his $600 Hammer Award.  Al Gore as a Strategic Adviser to Kleiner Perkins does not give out awards he simply sells tens of thousands of screwdrivers for $1,414 each.  The screwdrivers are made by Mexican Metal Workers who are paid $2.66 an hour in Pesos.  The Mexican (Spanish) word for screwdriver is desarmador.  Al is no toreador his is a desarmador.  He does not killey de bull he just speaks it.  The picture shows the value of Pro Bono Advice.