Saturday, October 12, 2013

The California Screwdriver Award

Folks I posted this on my Congressman’s (Huffman Democrat 2nd District California) Face Book public page.

Mr. Huffman since you admired my last blog here is my next.
Will AT&T be providing the service for the next Telephonic Town Hall?  The last time I tried you guys chose to have a technical glitch and excluded me.  Don't worry I won't be calling in this time I am saving my Sprint minutes for a one on one chat with you. 

As I know you are often in contact with the present and former VPs (not Dick Cheney) you may want to tell them of the havoc hey caused in the First State with their Bloom Coffins
The total population of DE is about equal to the population of the 2nd District here in CA.  Bloom (Gore, Doerr and Powell) extorted over $18 million in 2013 from the folks in DE.  You helped Bloom "extract" over a quarter billion dollars here in the once golden state. 

The cost of the California Screwdriver you bought for us is actually infinite and indefinite as the Coffins emit more CO2 per mwh than PG&E by more than a factor of two (2.25 times as much to be exact).  You see Mr. Huffman dividing a quarter of a billion dollars by a negative savings in CO2 emissions yields an indefinite number. 

The screwdriver you bought with our money essentially goes all the way from the Golden Gate to the White House.  Not some stubby little Philips job like the USDA. Not a craftsman like the DOE, you dear gangrene sir got us a bloody screwdriver that is as long as the Lincoln Highway.

I hope your townhall call with the fools who still believe you has a lot of static.  Even Pro Bono does not believe Al anymore, maybe then the folks in West Marin who wash only once a month will also see the light.