Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bloom Energy's Lies Fully Exposed By Delaware Data

Under the freedom of information act I have been given data from the Delaware Public Service Commission of the performance (lack of performance actually) of the Bloom Energy Coffins in the First State.   I had provided readers with the data on the exorbitant cost of the electricity from the Coffins as exceeding an $18 million subsidy for the year 2013.  Now here is the performance data from the Delaware PSC information.

Overall Capacity Factor for the first 8 months of 2013 (generated mwh versus nameplate mwh) is 80.68%.  The expected capacity factor under the agreement was 96.6%.  These Coffins are brand new and are already out of action for almost 20% of the time!!!!!

Overall carbon emissions are 880.9 pounds CO2 per megawatt hour.  The permit application claimed the carbon emissions would be 773 pounds of CO2 per mwh when the Coffins were new and 884 pounds CO2 per mwh lifetime average.  Well the Coffins are almost brand new and already are emitting their lifetime average!!!!!

Al Gore and his team at Bloom can lie to us via AT&T, Walmart, Target, Verizon and other companies but the Delaware data tells the truth.  My absent and gangrene Congressman Jared Huffman has still not attended the meeting I requested with him.  He still thinks Al Gore walks on green water and I am not the Green Machine.  Huffman thinks I am a global warming denier and hate technology.  Nothing could be further from the truth about the Green Machine.  We know he was bought by AT&T while he was in Sacramento and AT&T extracted $40 million of value out of the Bloom SGIP money from the CPUC.  Sadly Mr. Huffman received The Friends Of The River Award.

Here is his FaceBook post of yesterday

Jared Huffman shared a link.
“Very honored to be receiving the Peter B. Behr award tonight at Friends of the River's California River Awards gala!

Here is my reply to the gangrene Congressman
“Mr. Huffman I see on your fan club page you are getting a friends of the river award. I guess Bloom Boxes pollute the air and create solid toxic waste so a friends of the river award may be in order as the gangrene boxes do not pollute in the liquid phase. I will give you the "you sold me down the river" award”.  Of course I have to meet the Gangrene Congressman face to face to present the award.  


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