Friday, October 4, 2013

Moniz Is Wasting Monies

 I posted this message on Dr. Moniz's Face Book Page

Dr Moniz I did some digging the Via Silverado has a mass of 6,000 pounds and has a payload of 1,000 pounds.  It will save about 500 gallons of gas a year if someone drives 15,000 miles a year. This is 5 tons of CO2 but the grid will emit 2 tons of CO2 so we save 3 tons of CO2 a year for 10 years or 30 tons of CO2 over the life of the truck. At $40,000 gift from the Department of Entropy we paid a carbon tax of $1,333 per ton. This is beyond crazy. You are beginning to make Dr. Chu look smart!!! Stop the waste!!!

Ernie Moniz does not have the budget of Dr. Chu who blew through billions but Dr. Moniz is wasting monies on pet projects for well-connected friends.

Via Motors which was spun off from Raser Technologies the fake firm that went bust is now going to get some assistance from the Department of Entropy.  Via converts trucks and SUVs to run partially on electricity.  Kind of like the Volt of larger vehicles.  Bob Lutz one of the putzs that led GM into bankruptcy is helping Via

Via takes a Chev Suburban and hybridizes the vehicle to be a plug in for 40 miles of range.  The Via vehicle sells for $79,000 or more.  The DOE has pledged $20 million to pay half of the cost of the vehicle or some $40,000 if a public agency forks over the other half.  The CEO of Via claimed that over a 8 year period the owner would save approximately $37,000 in gas and operating expenses.  All the gifts from Moniz and the cost savings should have hundreds of public agencies queuing up to by a Via.

But let’s see Bob Lutz’s history.  In 2006 he was pushing hydrogen fuel cell cars

Did Lutz really believe the junk he spoke back in 2006 about saving GM with a hydrogen fuel cell car???? At the National Hydrogen Association meeting in DC in early 2005 I told the crowd that fuel cells were fool cells and that we should simply compress natural gas to power a vehicle rather than dream of hydrogen.

Now Mr. Lutz has a new president and a new secretary of energy and new plan for Via to save America with Moniz giving him Monies for a $80,000 SUV that civil servants who work at public agencies can drive around in looking ever so green.  Screw them!!  The government shutdown should result in these civil servants riding electric bicycles.  What a crock that we should subsidize the purchase of gangrene expensive crap by public agencies just so Obama and Moniz can repeat the waste of Obama and Chu and Bush and Bodman and send our money down the thermodynamic toilet.

If folks want to buy an $80,000 SUV that goes 40 miles on battery power then let them buy it with their own money.  Now is the time to forget the subsidies and the utter waste.  It is time for the government to slim down and get off of the pot.