Saturday, September 7, 2013

MS Takes Longer To Bake Than BS

Back to talking about Tesla after spending weeks blogging about KIOR and Bloom the gangrene folks who wish they had one tenth the market value of Tesla.  Tesla never hired a former US Secretary of State they simply produced a very expensive electric car and gave us a BS story of the $50,000 model S with a range of 160 miles that could never be built.

A couple of interesting blogs appeared about Tesla this week.  The first from John Petersen on Seeking Alpha who blogged that Tesla could not get their format of lithium ion battery for cheap forever and that eventually Tesla will have to pay full price for their batteries.

Then a prof at the Stern School of Business at NYU blogged that the value of Tesla’s stock is probably only $67.12 and not $170.

I know Tesla is a great looking car that costs over $100,000 to build and should sell for $130,000.  No $50,000 car with 160 miles of range came from the Musketeer.

To respond to Petersen and the prof from NYU the Musketeer is taking his car on a cross country road trip.  Even though the Model S is a seven seater, I doubt the Musketeer will invite John Broder of the New York Times to join him for the 3,000 mile trip.

I know BS comes from Bulls.  MS must therefore come from Muskoxen.  MS takes longer to become fully baked and Elon is into MS rather than BS.  He is a master of S.  Elon where is the $50,000 model S you promised us that goes 160 miles?  When you show us that car in the tens of thousands as you and Dr. Chu promised I will applaud you.  Right now you sell a very expensive car to the rich with subsidy from the poor and your Model S with 85 kwh of batteries has a real MPG of only 22 not 89. 

I suggest you all read my blog from Friday January 13 2012 on Tesla.  It was pretty pithy.

Petersen and the prof from NYU got Elon’s goat this week, I have been calling him a MSer for years.


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